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Monthly Inspection Checklist; How to Maintain a Garage Door in North Las Vegas, NV

Garage doors are mechanical devices that require regular attention and sometimes repair. All things mechanical wear, sometimes just wear out requiring total replacement or if you are more fortunate just a part. Nothing would be more terrifying than to be an older woman returning home from work, pulling into your driveway and not having the door open by remote, as you note ‘jack the ripper’ closing on your six (six o’clock, meaning behind you). Flee, running over some who may want only directions or run the risk of personal harm. Only if that darned door would open.

Types of Garage Doors

Most doors are roll-ups. Few swing ups are found anymore and swing open hinged doors are nearly non-existent. Roll-ups operate with tracks and rollers. They’re mechanical, and they turn, meaning there is bearing somewhere that need periodic lubrication. The chain or screw need attention with the idler at the end closest to the door needing a touch of oil or greased according to the construction. The doors themselves, many constructed of light gauge aluminum or steel are subject to damage. Dents, dings and other types of damage are common. Outright penetration, though rare does occur.

Professional VS DIY Garage Door Repair

Some things you can do it yourself when it comes to door maintenance and repair, other jobs should be left to the professionals. One pro ‘thing’ is that roll-up doors are suspended by a coiled spring along the top of the opening, these may break, and replacement is not without its hazards and should be done by someone familiar with these mechanisms. Cables supporting the door wear and may fail. Replacement again should be done by someone acquainted with the safety hazards involved.

Monthly Garage Door Inspection Checklist/h2>
• Door springs, loose tracks, cable wear, pulley worn through done with the door closed.
Balance test: with door closed and from the inside pull the red handle disconnecting the automatic opener. Lift the door manually, it should lift smoothly with little resistance and remain fully open. If hard to open or closes on release not remaining open then there is a balance problem. Call in a professional as adjusting the balance involves the spring. As mention before, this is dangerous stuff.
Reversing and photo sensor test. Safety sensors prevent door closing on children. Usually an infrared beam flashed across the opening. This needs to work properly, no one wants the tragedy resulting from a defective sensor. Start closing the door, and push something between the censors, usually located about 18 or less from the floor on the inside. The door should immediately reverse, and open. To test the reversing mechanism, place a 2 x 4 on edge under the door, activate the door either with the remote or button. On contact with the wood the door should reverse and open.

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Lubrication and the above checks are the primary things to look for in garage door maintenance. When oiling the rollers use a tack-free based lubricant to prevent attracting grime and dirt. CERFLON, a ceramic-reinforced fluoropolymer or silicon and some lithium products are low-tack keeping dirt and grime from incorporating themselves into your machinery. With remotes, be sure to replace your batteries on a regular basis. And call AAA Action Garage Doors for all your professional garage door needs.

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