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Garage Door Roller Keeps Coming Out of Track in Las Vegas, NV? Causes & How to Fix

Has your garage door fallen off its track? Most of us are unsure as to the cause of this unfortunate event. There are several reasons or causes as to why garage doors fall or separate off the tracks during use. AAA Action Garage Doors will cover some of the most common reasons or causes as to why a garage door might come off its tracks and how regular inspections can prevent this rather hazardous event from taking place.

Backed Car Into Garage Door

One of the most common reasons why a garage door will come off the tracks is because the garage door was hit by a car. Yes, this happens more often than people realize. Even if a vehicle was only going 5 mph, it is enough force to separate the garage door from the tracks. In most cases, the garage door may look like no damage has occurred. However, when a garage door gets hit with enough force, the rollers can come out of the tracks unnoticed, until the garage door is being used. That’s why it is important, if a collision should occur, to examine the inside of the garage door tracks and most especially the rollers. Make sure they are still on the tracks and there is not too much wiggle when shaking the garage door.

Poor Installation of Horizontal Track Garage Door System

Another common cause for a garage door to fall of the track is that a poor quality “Horizontal Track System” was installed. Sometimes the tracks that are used, especially for double door units, do not reach the proper weight requirements for the doors. Due to the stress of the weight of the garage door with the added vibration when used, can cause the rollers to shimmy out of the track. Sometimes the track can bend from the weight. If this happens, the tracks do not properly secure the roller in place.

Broken Garage Door Rollers

Sometimes a garage door will fall off of the track due to old or over used rollers that may have broken from use. It’s common for older garage doors to experience broken rollers. Even one broken roller can cause the garage door to become imbalanced and fall off of the tracks. By inspecting the condition of the rollers, you can help prevent this outcome. When inspecting the rollers, check the thin pin that connects from the wheel to the garage door and see if that pin is cracked, rusted, or in poor condition. Replace the roller as the garage door ages to prevent the garage door from falling.

Garage Door Lift Cable Breaks

Not the most common cause for a garage door to fall but still occasionally occurs is that the lift cable breaks. There are two cables, one on each side of the garage door. Sometimes, if one side of the cables break, the garage door will slant and often the garage door will fall as one side (typically the side with the broken cable) will fall off of the tracks.

Garage Door Inspection Services & More in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

By having your garage door and its entire operating system inspected, you can help prevent any major damages or failure of your garage door. Especially when a garage door falls off the tracks, this can lead to serious injuries if a person was near or under the garage door at the time of the event. If you have an older garage door or a system that may seem to be experiencing problems, AAA Action Garage Doors can perform a full inspection of your garage door and its operating system to help prevent any future failures. For all of your garage door needs contact AAA Action Garage Doors today.

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