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How to Make a Garage Door More Secure from Break In & Burglary in Sunrise Manor, NV

When it comes to the overall security of our homes, most all do know they have to fortify their castle. They invest in quality locks and deadbolts for the doors, ensure the windows are durable and well protected and secure. Alarm systems are installed, motion sensor lights, and other such precautions are all part of the security that protects the house. Unfortunately, few people consider the garage door. As long as the garage door is closed, people have the perceived notion that is adequate garage door security. Alas, the garage door requires a little more than that to keep it secure. With that in mind, we at AAA Action Doors would like to take the opportunity to discuss ways you can improve the security of your garage door.

How to Secure a Garage Door

1) Invest in a sturdy garage door. There are many types of garage doors that are of poor quality that can be easily infiltrated by anyone who can earn the weaknesses. With a strong, durable garage door, you are on the right path to keep the garage more secure.
2) Consider installing a wide-angle peephole on the door that leads to the garage. This will give you an advantage to see if anything is amiss inside the garage if the garage door is left open or you suspect unusual activities.
3) Windows are an excellent feature to have on your windows. However, where they can let some natural light in and add aesthetics to an otherwise plain garage door, it gives scrupulous characters a way to see inside your garage; giving them an idea to possessions or a way inside your home. To keep the benefits of your garage window but to eliminate their advantage, install frosted or stain glass.
4) Padlock the throw latch. When you intend to go out of town, padlock the throw latch on the garage door for added security measures while you are away.
5) Garage door tune ups. Roll-up garage doors should be monitored for signs of corrosion and it is important that the garage door and door opener are well cared for and are treated with regularly scheduled professional maintenance and tune-up services. Keeping your garage in efficiently working order can prevent it from being vulnerable to attacks.
6) Avoid leaving your garage door opener in your vehicle. If possible, switch to a remote garage door opener that can go on your keychain and get rid of the clip you normally attach to your visor.
8) Make sure you secure your garage door’s emergency release.
9) Install a deadbolt on the door that connects to your house from the garage.
10) Keep garage door closed. Even during the time you are home, but before you leave, ensure the garage door is completely closed. Leaving it open, even slightly can invite others in. Additionally, the safety feature will make the garage door open if something interferes with the beam. If you do not realize that the safety feature was activated and the garage door has become open, you can allow for some unsavory characters to have access to your garage door.

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There are many other ways you can keep your garage door safe and secure. AAA Action Doors can offer some additional suggestions and be readily available when your garage door requires routine maintenance, tune-ups as well as repairs.

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