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Garage Door Safety Tips, Features & Requirements in Paradise, NV; Test Auto Reverse Sensor & More

Your garage door is a huge moving part of your home. It’s used daily and needs to be functioning correctly. There are tips you need to keep in mind to make sure it works properly and safely.

Garage Door Safety Tips

1. The control for the garage door needs to be mounted high enough to prevent children from playing with it. You also need to make sure you have a clear view of the garage door when you operate it.
2. Never allow children to play with the garage door remote. Teach them that it is not a toy and set a good example by explaining how to work it correctly and safely.
3. Your garage door has a safety reversing feature that needs to be tested monthly. This feature will automatically reverse the door if something gets in the way. You can test it by placing a 2 x 4 board in the door’s path. If the door doesn’t reverse and lands on the board, you will need to call for repair immediately.
4. You also need to know how to use the emergency release feature on your garage door opener. You can look to the owner’s manual to get the instructions.
5. Inspect your garage door monthly to look for parts that are damaged or in need of repair. Look at the springs, rollers, cables and pulleys. Call for professional repair when needed.
6. It dangerous to repair springs and cables on your own because these parts are under high tension and special tools are needed for these repairs. Serious breakage or injury can be the result of improper handling.
7. Check the release mechanism on the garage door opener to manually open the door. If the door is functioning properly you will be able to do this easily and it should stay open about three to four feet above the ground. If this task is hard, the door may be out of balance. It needs to be adjusted or there may be premature wear.
8. Another way to keep your garage door safe is to use one that has photoelectric eye safety beams. These are mounted a few inches above the floor and send an invisible beam across the path of the door. If this beam gets broken, the door will reverse automatically and open. This is a fabulous safety feature because an object doesn’t need to get in the way for the door to reverse like the auto reverse mechanism. These features work great together for added safety.

Security and your Garage Door

When gone for long periods of time consider unplugging the garage door unit. Consider buying an opener with rolling code technology. This will change the code every time it’s used to prevent code grabbing. Don’t leave the remote in the car. Treat it like a house key and take it with you. For added safety, lock the door from the garage into the house nightly and make sure the garage door is closed before you go to bed each night.

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If you take the time to make sure your garage door is working properly, it will be safe, and it will also last a long time. Contact AAA Action Garage Doors for any garage door issues.

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