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Differences Between Garage Door Torsion Springs & Extension Springs in Spring Valley, NV

One of the more fairly obvious primary components of your garage door are the springs. More often than not, in the event the garage door system fails to open, or open correctly, the springs are the culprit; being worn out or inadvertently damaged. When a professional references the springs, they either cite torsion springs and/or extension springs. Considering this, we at AAA Action Garage Doors would like to disclose some basic information concerning Torsion Springs and Extension Springs.

Do All Garage Doors Have Springs?

The large springs, which are the torsion springs, are found in a shaft above your garage door. Typically, most garage doors have one or the other types of springs and you will not see both torsion springs and extension springs on the same garage door. Smaller than the standard door, measuring 8×7 or 9×7, only one spring is equipped, as opposed to multiple springs on average on large garage doors. As you open and close the door, torsion springs will wind or unwind to lift or lower the garage door. Extension springs fully expand or contract, when opening or closing the door.

Difference Between Torsion & Extension Springs

Most professionals favor torsion springs over extension springs for a number of reasons. Torsion springs often last twice as long, offering a better value to consumers, despite being a little more costly than the extension springs. Because of the enhanced quality, theses springs tend to be more sufficient at opening and closing the garage door with a more controlled motion. In comparison, the extension springs generally function with a jerky motion, causing them to wear and tear quicker than torsion springs. Extension springs have a more complicated apparatus, in addition to the need for frequent repairs ore replacements. The complexity of these springs also requires more maintenance as even lubrication becomes more challenging. Usually staying attached to the shaft, the torsion springs will produce a terrifyingly dangerous sound when they are snapped; though they have the potential to fly off. When either of these springs require maintenance, repair, or replacement, it is crucial they be done so by a professional to avoid serious injury or property damage. Though the torsion springs are more superior, the extension springs have their benefits as well. They are useful when there is not a lot of overhead space in your garage, allowing for the torsion spring system and they are more cost effective. Extension springs are still efficient at getting the job done and safe to utilize with proper care and maintenance. Contact your professional garage door expert in the event you are unsure about the specifics of the springs used on your garage door, or simply want to inquire about maintenance.

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