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Garage Door Torsion VS Extension Springs in Henderson, NV; Cost, Lifespan, Safety, Maintenance, Operation & More

Most homeowners do not know all the parts to the garage, but most have at least been vaguely introduced to the garage door springs. For managing your garage door’s counterbalance system, there are two different types of springs that are responsible and they include torsion springs or extension springs. Allowing it to safely and reliably raise and lower, the counterbalance system uses force to offset the weight of the door. The system uses either a torsion or extension spring to control the counterweight and today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to further discuss the differences between torsion springs and extension springs.

Pros of Garage Door Torsion Springs

The most common and more modern garage door spring option are torsion springs. Being calculated based on your garage door weight, height and track radius, they are available in several sizes and lengths. They slide into a channel where lifting cables are attached during their function as they are large springs that are installed on the top of the garage door. In a controlled motion springs wind and unwind to lift and lower the garage door. Advantages of torsion springs are:
1) Longer Lasting and More Durable. Torsion springs are more durable and last 15,000 to 20,000 cycles, though they are more expensive than extension springs.
2) Reduced Wear. To keep the door better balanced and creates less stress on parts torsion springs offer a steadier movement when raising and lowering your door. Your garage door opener does not have to work as hard to open and close the door with torsion springs.
3) Safer. While extension springs can snap off and cause property damage as well as injury the torsion spring will create a loud sound but remain inside its shaft in the event your garage door spring ever break.

Garage Door Extension Springs

Being a somewhat outdated technology, they are a common option for many garage doors due to being less expensive and are fairly ideal for small garages. Because they are installed on the side of the door versus overhead and extend whenever the door is operating, they don’t occupy much overhead space. Since they only last 10,000 cycles, extension springs are less recommended by professionals, though they are still a fairly popular spring option. They operate with a jerking motion that results in additional wear and tear and can be a safety hazard when broken and require more maintenance than torsion springs. Also, they also can snap away causing personal injury or damages. Extension springs are generally safe when the safety cables are installed, and they are properly maintained, despite these drawbacks.

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To maintain your system or perform safe, fast and effective replacements, no matter if your garage door utilizes torsion or extension springs, the qualified technicians of AAA Action Doors is readily available to assist you. Feel free to consult the expertise of our trained technicians if you are unsure of what type of spring system your garage uses. We can make recommendations about which option works best for your daily needs and budget in addition to answering questions you may have. Contact us for all your garage door needs.

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