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Garage Door Remote Not Working Consistently in Enterprise, NV; Dead Battery, Bad Sensor or Connection & More

We all seem to rely on the amenities that we have in our lives. This could be access to a reliable vehicle or an air conditioner unit that is cooling your house. These things make life easier and we seem to get used to having them around. When something goes awry it can cause a damper on the day. One of the things that many people rely on is access to their garage. There are lots of people that choose to park their car in the garage and gain access to their home in that area as well. One of the things that can happen is when you pull up the house and you want to pull in the garage but the door will not open. The great thing is that most cars have a remote that they can use to open the door with the hit of a single button. When this does not happen it means that you likely have an issue that might need to be addressed by a professional. AAA Action Garage Doors outlines what might cause your garage door remote to stop working.

Garage Door Remote Battery

When it comes to anything that is working remotely it has to have a way to get power. They need to be able to connect with the motor that is in the garage and that is why they have a battery. The great thing is that the remote has a battery that is long lasting and does not have to be charged. That also means that you may overlook that the battery needs to be replaced. The battery can last and usually will last but when it goes out most people are not sure how to change it. They usually take a specialty battery that you need to know when you go out to get a new one. When the remote does not work it can mean that a simple battery replacement would repair the issue. You can call a professional to make sure that the remote battery is switched out and checked.

Remote Not Working or Connected to Garage Door

When it comes to your garage door there are several parts that have to work together. The motor has to be able to function while the door panels need to move slowly and with ease. There are channels, hinges, photo eye sensors, remotes and more. When it comes to the remote it has to be connected to the motor that you are using. Usually this is done when the door is installed and you should not have to have them reset. If your garage door will not open with the remote it could mean that you need to have your remote reset. This will reconnect it to the motor that is in your garage so that it will continue to work.

Garage Door Sensor is Bad

Lastly there is a sensor that is installed with your garage door as a way to create a safety measure. The safety measure to so that if there is anything in the path of the door it will not close. When you hit the remote the door will remain open. You want to make sure that you have your photo eye sensors are in the right place and that they are not damaged. They may need to be replaced if the door continues to have issues.

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