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One Piece Single Panel VS Sectional Garage Door in North Las Vegas, NV; How Do These Garage Doors Work & More

The two primary types of garage doors are single panel and sectional garage doors. Sectional garage doors have separate panels, single panel garage doors are simply one large piece. When compared to single panel doors, sectional garage doors are more common as suppliers tend to sell more of them. You can be better equipped to choose which garage door is best for you, even though both options have advantages, once you understand the fundamental differences. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to explore single panel garage doors versus sectional garage doors.

How Does a Garage Door Work?

The sectional doors often have more modern features than single panel doors and often the lesser price tag, single panel garage doors usually have more accessories, despite the more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Single panel garages provide more safety since they lack extension springs. If you don’t consistently maintain extension springs, they can also break and cause injury or let in intruders. Making it ideal for small-space scenarios. It is also more durable to intense weather; a sectional door has a smaller opening clearance than a single panel door as well.

Garage Door Sales & Installation Costs

Homeowners, more often than not, will use the price tag as the determining factor to which type of garage door they purchase. They are still generally less expensive than sectional doors, though because suppliers tend to keep sectional doors more readily available, slightly increasing the cost of a single panel garage door. A single panel door usually has a much lower price than a sectional door, even with the identical materials used to manufacture the garage door, in a nut shell. A single panel door has fewer parts to manage for those who unwisely chooses to install the garage door themselves.

Single Panel VS Sectional Garage Doors

Both types of garage doors can be stunning and come in a variety of attractive materials and designs. The segments required to in the layout, however, makes the sectional door function. Single panel garage doors have only one section with many options aesthetically on the other hand. While others with modern homes will want the vintage look and still use the single panel garage doors to make their buildings look historically accurate many people that have older homes will frequently use single panel garage doors. You can see the basics below since these two main varieties of garage door each have their own benefits and disadvantages.

Residential Sectional Garage Door

– Remarkable durability
– Small space requirement
– An increase selection to buy from
– Minimal maintenance

Single Panel Garage Door

• Usually less expensive
• Older homes improve curb appeal
• A safer and simpler “DIY” installation

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