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What Size & Wind Direction Torsion Springs Do I Need for My Garage Door in Mountain’s Edge, NV

The convenience of your garage door has really made an impact on people. The garage was a place that you could store the things that you were not going to be using soon. It was also a place that could be used as a work area but now it really means much more. The routine of pulling up to your house and with a click of a button have this large door open for you is amazing. The door makes it so that you can come and go as often as you like and keep your vehicle out of the elements. This will extend the life of the car and let you control the safety when you are getting in and out of your vehicle. The problem comes when your door stops operating properly. The door has several working parts that need to be in good condition in order to work. The springs are one aspect and when they are stretched out or broken you have to have them replaced. There are several options of springs and you want to be sure that you get the right one.

AAA Action Garage Doors Outlines What You Need to Know When Buying New Torsion Springs for Your Garage Door

Torsion Spring Wind Direction: There are usually a set of springs that are used in the garage door installation. They have to be able to wind and unwind when the motor activates. The process of them winding is what will let the door open and close. The wind direction is extremely important so be sure to determine which way they are turning. There is a left and right turning spring and you need to be sure that you get the right direction. If the end of the spring is pointing clockwise the spring is left winding and if it goes the opposite way it is a right spring. The wind is necessary to ensure that the door goes the right way when the button is pushed.
Garage Door Torsion Spring Diameter Size: The next aspect of the spring that you need to look at is what is the diameter of the spring. This is how the size of the spring is determined and the larger the number the higher it is rated for weight. You want to be sure that your spring is the right diameter for the size door that you are needing. You can use a measuring stick to look at the inside of the spring to measure the diameter of the spring.
Length of Torsion Spring: When you measure your current spring you need to know that the springs you are replacing will often be stretched out some. That is why you want to take that into account when buying your new springs. The length of the spring is necessary when you are replacing them. Be sure that you consult a professional when making the final determination.

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