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Garage Door Parts & Problems in Seven Hills, NV; Door Won’t Open or Close & More

The garage door comprises of basic parts. As the largest moving element of your home, these parts often wear over time, can have faulty components, or even poor installation that expedite the wear. Over time, these parts can fail and with routine maintenance, you can catch it before the domino effect impacts more of the garage door’s parts. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to take an opportunity to elaborate on the basic primary components, and the issues they are most likely to have.

Garage Door Parts

1) Garage Door and Sections. This is the paneling that is the garage door. The sections of the door can become dented or damaged from kids playing sort games or rough housing too close, or inadvertently making contact with the car while it was closed.
2) Garage Door Hinges. Allowing the garage door to bend, the hinges connects the sectioned panels. The hinges can break or crack if they are not maintained and lubricated as needed.
3) Garage Door Sensors. On either side of the door near the floor, there are safety sensors. They will communicate with the opener and while one sensor sends the laser, the other receives it. The garage door will not go down in the event something blocks the line of the laser so that it can’t reach the receiving sensor. The US has required this safety precaution for any new garage door opener since 1992. The sensors may be misaligned or obstructed should your garage door only goes down a few inches before rising back up.
4) Garage Door Tracks. Serving as guide for your garage door, the tracks on either side of your door and leading up to the garage ceiling. If the garage door doesn’t open and close smoothly, the tracks need to be wiped down and lubed and free of debris.
5) Garage Door Springs. Supplying the power to lift your extremely heavy door the torsion spring above your door is under a considerable amount of tension. Do not attempt to fix or adjust the spring if the spring breaks or starts making noise. The garage door springs are a dangerous part and it needs to be left to the professional. Running along the horizontal track that should be fitted with safety cables on older garage doors may need to be configured as well.
6) Garage Door Opener. In the past several years alone garage doors have come a long way. Openers are equipped with more safety features and even Smart technology allowing access for use from a Smartphone or a computer.
7) Garage Door Bottom Seal. Serving as several purposes, the seal offers protection from weather, gives the door a more proper fit, gives the door a bumper as it closes. The bottom seal eventually becomes loose, brittle or cracked, allowing access to pests and weather. The rubber seal needs to be replaced.

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More often than not, the warranty of your garage door is only validated if you hire a professional for maintenance and repairs. The repairs are also more efficiently done and safely accomplished with the aid of professionals. So, when your garage door in the Las Vegas, NV Valley is in need of maintenance or repair, call AAA Action Doors and let our professionals do the rest.

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