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How Effective is Insulation & Are Insulated Garage Doors Worth the Cost in Rhodes Ranch, NV?

As the seasons change from summer to winter homeowners frequently take some time to think about how to keep their home nice and comfortable during the changing temperatures. Many people begin to think about whether their home is truly as energy efficient as they think that it is. This can lead to questions about whether having an insulated garage door or adding insulation to your current garage door is worth the money. There are many benefits to having an insulated garage door.

Insulated Garage Doors Save on Heating & Cooling Costs

Insulated garage doors can indeed help you save energy. Every time the garage door opens the cold or warm air that is outside enters your garage. Then that same air can find its way into your home. This air can force your air conditioner or heater to work harder to maintain the temperature in your home. Even if the door that goes from the garage to your home is insulated and has weather-stripping on it cannot prevent the air from outside coming inside your home.

Garage Door Insulation Helps Preserve Tools

Your garage is an awesome place to store your tools. Storing saws, power washers, gas cans, hammers, screwdrivers, and more in your garage keeps your tools out of the elements of nature. If your garage gets too hot or too cold there are some concerns. The water in your power washer can actually freeze in the cold and crack your washer. Any gas in your gas cans can get ruined in extreme hot or extreme cold. Insulating your garage door or purchasing one that is already insulated can help your tools from getting ruined.

Insulating Garage Door Helps Extend Car Battery Life

In addition to any tools that might be stored in your garage benefiting from an insulated garage your car will benefit as well. Your car battery will work last longer if it is stored somewhere where the temperature is between 30 and 90 degrees. Here in Las Vegas the temperature in your garage can easily reach over 90 degrees. An insulated garage can help your extend the life of your car battery.

Other Pros of Insulated Garage Doors

Many people store seasonal decorations or other decor in their garage. If the temperature in your garage is too hot or too cold your treasured items can be ruined. We would hate to see your beloved items ruined! Insulated garage doors are constructed to increase the thermal efficiency. The benefit of the excellent construction of the door is outstanding insulation rating. Another benefit is that the insulation in the door also dampens the noise that can enter your home through the garage door. Some homeowners choose to keep their washer and dryers in their garage. If you have your appliances in the garage you will have some plumbing out there as well. If your garage reaches freezing temperatures your pipes can freeze. Frozen pipes cause all sorts of problems! Having an insulated garage door could prevent this.

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