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How to Fix a Garage Door that Makes a Lot of Noise in Henderson, NV; Nylon Rollers, Anti Vibration Pads, Silencer & Lubricant Solutions

Garage door openers are sure convenient when you have a garage door. But sometimes they can seem pretty loud when you are using them. Your garage door will always make a certain amount of noise, but if you are feeling like your garage door is too loud, there may be a few hacks to make it operate with less noise. AAA Action Garage Doors is here to talk about some ways that you can eliminate some of the noise your garage door makes when it is operating.

Tighten Garage Door

When your garage door is closed and the opener is not operating, take a close look at your garage door and opener to see if there are any nuts and bolts that need tightening. If any of them are loose, it will cause rattling when you open and close your garage door.

Garage Door Lubricant

Many of the working parts of your garage door opener consist of metal on metal. These parts need to be lubricated regularly to keep them from grinding on each other. These parts include any hinges, tracks, rollers, and even springs. You should use oil that is made specifically for metal. Don’t ever use grease. You may notice that by adding a little bit of lubricant, the amount of noise will drastically decrease while your garage door opener is operating.

Garage Door Silencer & Sound Proofing Kit

You can purchase noise insulators that are installed between the motor block and the bracket that is attaching the motor to the ceiling. Noise insulators can greatly decrease the noise your garage door opener makes. These cylindrical rubber pieces are screwed on to keep them from moving around.

What Can a Garage Door Specialist Do to Help Quiet Your Garage Door?

When a garage door specialist comes to look at your garage door, we can make the adjustments needed to quiet your garage door. One of the main sources of noise are the springs that work to open and close your garage door. If you have extension springs, you may want to consider making the switch to torsion springs. This will eliminate some of the noise you hear. If you have steel rollers, they make a lot more noise than nylon rollers and can be replaced as well. And last, but not least, if your garage door is chain driven, it is going to make a lot more noise than a garage door that is belt driven.

Garage Door Maintenance in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

It is important that you call a professional like AAA Action Garage Doors to do any of the adjustments listed above. When you are making big changes to your garage door like changing springs, or changing from chain driven to belt driven, it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. AAA Action Garage Doors have the tools and training to help your garage door operate much quieter than it has been. Call us today!

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