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Common Garage Door Mistakes in North Las Vegas, NV; Don’t Ignore Loud Noises & Jerking Movements, Avoid DIY Repairs & More

The garage door is the largest mechanism in the home and it requires a lot of attention. However our best intentions can lead to big problems. We make mistakes all the time when it comes to our garage doors. These common mistakes often lead to expensive repairs or replacements. AAA Action Doors will explain some of these common mistakes and how to avoid future problems by being aware of and avoiding them.

Loud Garage Door Noises & Jerking Movements

One common mistake people make is to ignore obvious problems. Some problems like loud noises, jerky motions and your garage door sticking in some areas are often ignored. These are signs of some serious problems that will need repair. Sometimes it’s as simple as re-tightening loose parts or lubing dry areas. However most people will allow loud noises and jerky doors to continue functioning in that state. This is a big mistake. Avoid having major repairs down the road and have your garage door inspected or serviced before it becomes a costly mistake.

DIY Repairs; Trying to Fix Garage Door Springs, Cables, Panels & More

Another common mistake is attempting to repair your garage door by yourself. This isn’t just hazardous, but can lead to bigger problems. Garage door repairs often need extra hands to provide proper structure for the heavy materials. More often then not when a home owner attempts to fix their garage door themselves, more damage is done than what originally needed fixing. Many times when home owners do repairs on their own, they often do not use the recommended part in order to save money. Using materials not designed for garage doors or your model of garage door leads to malfunctions. Later you will need to replace it with the proper materials. This will just cost you more money. Never try to use a substitute to try and save money. A garage door isn’t always as simple as one may think to repair. But without proper training or experience you can cause more damage. Make sure you know what the problem is and if it is beyond your ability, seek out a repair service and avoid tacking more on the bill than necessary. A garage door is a large mechanism that requires regular inspection and maintenance. Most of the time homeowners never routinely have their garage doors inspected or maintained. This is a mistake that can lead to costly replacements and even injuries. There have been cases of neglect, and in time, the door falls down suddenly. This can happen if the chain or belt breaks or if the motor gives way. Sometimes the door has come down on a person or vehicle while entering or leaving the garage door.

Garage Door Inspections, Emergency Repairs, Preventive Maintenance & More in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

AAA Action Doors wants to help our customers avoid unnecessary repairs or replacement of their garage door systems. A garage door is an investment so take care of it. Keep on top of regular inspections and the necessary services on your garage door. If you begin to notice loud noises or jerkiness with your garage door, have professional garage door servicemen come out and repair your garage door before it become an expensive problem. If you are having any problems with your garage door, don’t hesitate to call AAA Action Doors.

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