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Energy Efficient, Insulated Garage Door Installation Upgrades in Las Vegas, NV; Steel, Aluminum, Wood & Composite Material Comparisons

We all want to do what we can to save money and conserve energy in our home. One area that tends to lose energy from your home is through the garage door. The garage is part of the home and many times there is a room above the garage or it is attached to the house in some way. That area needs to stay at a consistent temperature as well as the house to help to save on the cost of energy. That means that you need to do what you can to make sure that the room is more insulated and less heat and cold air is passing through. You may think that the garage is separate from the house and you don’t need to do much but it can really save a ton of energy if you have the correct garage door.

AAA Action Garage Doors Lists Energy Efficient, Insulated Garage Door Options

Types Of Materials Used For Garage Doors: One of the most common types of garage door materials that is used is steel. A steel door is a type of material that is great for durability but may not be the best for insulation. The metal alone is not really enough to insulate the garage so you need to be sure that you add layers of insulation in between. Another type of material that is used is aluminum which a more modern look and feel to your house. Although it is a modern look the insulation that it offers is very bad and if you live in a cold or hot climate this is not a great choice. A wood door is a choice that people are having installed at their home to add a higher end look. Although the insulation is not as great because the wood is going to contract and expand that can leave gaps in the doorway. The last option that is coming up in popularity is a composite wood material. This is a better option for a door that is easy to maintain and care for. You can even use the composite wood as an overlay to gain some insulation to the door itself. They type of material that you use is really only one part of the actual energy efficiency.
What is Garage Door Insulation: When you are talking about insulation for your home or garage it is a material that is used to thicken the wall. That way it is much harder for the cold or hot air to escape. You want the room to keep the same temperature instead of dropping drastically from the attached house. The R Rating is what is given to the amount of insulation that is attached to the garage door. The better the rating the better the insulation is in the door.

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