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How a Garage Door Works in Summerlin, NV; Openers, Torsion Springs, Rollers, Door Drums, Cables & Tracks

When it comes to knowing what’s wrong with a garage door and the problems it may encounter, it helps to understand what components make up your garage door and how each one works. AAA Action Doors will break it down so you better understand how your garage door works and give you an idea of what may need repair or maintenance. This will also help you troubleshoot future problems.

How a Garage Door Works

Garage Door Opener – This component is considered the heart of the operation. The garage door opener controls the opening and closing of the garage door. That’s why this is the most important part of the garage door to maintain. If you don’t keep the garage door opener well conditioned it could lead to function failure and can cause serious injury. There are three types of opening mechanisms. It can be manually operated or require a remote control. The thing that classifies each type of garage door is the type of pulley in the motor. The pulleys are chain driven, belt driven, or screw driven. There is also a safety component to the garage door opener to ensure safety in an emergency situation. You’ll also find a quick release mechanism that you can pull down to open your garage door in the event there is a power failure.
Garage Door Torsion Spring – This component is what supports the weight of the garage door. The spring, due to regular use, wears out first in the garage door operating system. It will get stretched out and need replacement. The garage door torsion springs usually have a lifespan of 10,000 cycles of opening and closing before you need to replace the springs. Weather conditions can also affect the performance of the springs but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your springs are in need of replacing.
Garage Door Rollers – The rollers are an important component of your garage door. If you were to look at the track on each side of the opening of your garage, you will see rollers on the door itself. The roller is what makes the door roll open and close. Often you may need to lubricate the rollers to improve the function of the door’s opening and closing. You can also replace them with a nylon covered roller that improves the noise of the door opening and closing.
Garage Door Drums – This component works alongside the garage door’s torsion springs to make the opening and closing of the door smoother. The drums also help keep the door balanced as it opens and closes. There are three types of drums: one is a Standard Lift which is the most common drum used in residential homes. Then you have the Vertical Lift which is used in warehouse and commercial buildings. There is also the High Lift which is used for a high rise door such as horizontal tracks closer to the ceiling. Each types of drum are designed to balance the door and are determined by the weight and size of the garage door, its thickness and length.
Garage Door Cables – These cables are designed to take the brunt of the work of the garage. The lifting of the garage door is done with these cables. Every time it opens this component is used. It wears out fast and often needs replacing.
Garage Door Tracks – you can see a track on each side of the garage opening. The track is in place for the rollers to go inside them and keep the door in place as it opens and closes. It also provides security so no one can get into your garage. You might need to lubricate the track to smooth out the rollers as it opens and closes. Occasionally the track will get misaligned and will need realignment.

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AAA Action Doors wants to help the average homeowner understand how their garage door works and the essential components that makes up a garage door. We hope this blog will give you the information you need in maintaining your garage door. AAA Action Doors is able to help with all your garage door needs. If you experience a problem, we can fix it! Call us today.

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