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How to Open a Garage Door That’s Stuck Open, Halfway or Jammed Shut in Anthem, NV

When trying to get on with the day, or coming home from a long one, and the garage door refuses to budge, it can make anyone lose their cool. Where there are alternative methods for getting yourself out, there may be few options to get the garage door unstuck to get your vehicle in or out. Identifying the problem can help you determine the best course of action on how you can resolve the issue. In the event you are experiencing your garage door sticking, we at AAA Action Door would like to offer a few of the most common reasons as to why.

Troubleshooting a Stuck Open or Jammed Shut Garage Door

1) Inspect the garage door remote batteries. There are many homeowners who immediately presume that when the garage door is operating correctly or at all, that there is mechanical failure. However, when all is said and done, the issue is simple, and that is the remote has drained batteries. Though the garage door remote opener has a variety of battery types, you can usually find them at a home improvement store.
2) Attempt to open the garage door by hand. To find the root of the problem, it can help to see if are able to open the garage door by hand. Pull the red-corded rope that turns off its electricity. The problem may be electrical in nature, as opposed to with the door itself providing you are able to open the door manually. Ensure the opening unit that attaches to your garage ceiling hasn’t come unplugged. If it is secure, check the breaker by resetting, if the problem persists contact a professional.
3) Assess the garage door tracks. If all else fails and the issue remains unidentified or the problem resolved the garage door track may be experiencing difficulty. The tracks can be easily bumped or jostled, causing them to be misaligned. Tracks that are misaligned can be easily adjusted. Using a ladder, use your hands to feel the length of track for any signs misalignment, bent, or other damage. Apply a little WD40 on the tracks and if there is any adjusting, use a wooden block and a hammer to cautiously knock it into place.

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Where it’s not a likely problem in the Las Vegas Desert, in other areas, a common issue may be ice. If this applies to your climate, simply pour some hot water over the ice buildup to free the garage door and permit function. Generally, these solutions can effectively get your garage door unstuck. However, if you are uncomfortable doing any of the remedies yourself, or nothing proves to resolve the problem at hand, investing in a skilled professional can help you get the garage door opening with efficiency again. For garage door repairs in the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada Valley, call the experts of AAA Action Doors and let our professionals take care of your garage door issues. Using the latest in technological advances and quality parts and products, our team of elite technicians can quickly repair your garage door. Contact us today!

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