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Fall Garage Door Maintenance Lubrication, Spring Tension Check & Other Tips in Mountain’s Edge, NV

Everyone is familiar with the terms “spring cleaning” and “honey do list” but for some projects, fall is the prime time to take care of chores that were meant to be completed in the spring. Your garage door maintenance is a prime example, and according to the knowledgeable experts at AAA Action Garage Doors in as little as 30 minutes or less, testing and maintaining your garage door can save you a lot of frustration while also avoiding a potential breakdown when the temperatures go down and the cold rain begins to fall.

Preventative Garage Door Maintenance to Be Performed in the Fall

1. Garage Door Lubrication: During the cold winter months, your old lubricant has a tendency to harder so be sure to add a fresh layer of lubricant before the temperatures really drop. Apply lubricant when your door is open to allow any excess to run off the rollers and into the track. Lubricating the rollers will ensure that they run smoothly and don’t become dislodged from the horizontal tracks. Applying lubricant to your springs is easy, all you need do is run a small amount of oil across the top of the springs and let gravity do the rest. The experts at AAA Action Garage Doors recommend a 3 in 1 oil that is designed to stand up against repeated wear.
2. Spring Tension Check: The performance of your garage door relies on the correct balance to ensure it operates efficiently. Performing a spring tension check will also ensure that your garage door lasts a long period of time without the worry of premature replacement. To test your spring tension make sure that the door is down before pulling the emergency release handle. Lift the door halfway up and release, if the door begins to fall the door needs tension, if it continues to open the tension needs to be released. Never attempt to adjust the spring on your own, instead contact your AAA Action Garage Door specialist for professional assessment and adjustment.
3. Test Opener Photo Eyes & Safety Reverse Mechanism: The best way to check your photo eyes is to cover one of them before pressing your remote. If they are working properly your door will not engage but the light located on the motor will begin to start flashing. If the door begins to lower, get your opener properly assessed by your AAA Action Garage Door specialist. To ensure that your garage opener safety mechanism is performing correctly, place a piece of wood on the ground under the open garage door. Once the door begins to lower it should reverse as soon as it makes contact with the board beneath it. It your opener fails to pass this test, it will need professional adjustments or repairs.

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By taking the time to perform these simple tests and maintenance this fall, it could prevent expensive repairs and replacements this coming winter. To learn more about garage door inspections, maintenance, repairs, replacement, and new installations, contact the knowledgeable experts at AAA Action Garage Doors today.

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