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Maintenance Checklist For Your Garage Door in Summerlin, NV; Lubricate Moving Parts, Check Clicker & Keypad Batteries & More

The garage door is the largest moving part on your house and it needs to be maintained to keep it working correctly. There are many working and moving parts and you need to be sure that they are in top condition to ensure that the door works when you need it to. The garage is used by nearly 70% of Americans as their main entrance to their home and a large portion store their car in there. That means that if the door stops working it can leave your car stuck and you can get behind schedule.

AAA Garage Doors Lists Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Working & In Good Condition

You Need To Lubricate All Moving Parts Of Your Garage Doors: You want to make sure that you get a lubricant that is a petroleum base. Use the lubricant to add it to any area of the garage door that metal is in contact with other metal. There are normally rollers, hinges and springs that will need to be lubricated on a regular basis to make sure that they are able to move correctly. If they are not lubricated they can seize up and stop working all together. You also should add some lubricant in between the panels of your garage door but you want a separate type. Use a silicone base so that it does not attract dust and cause it to get gummed up.
Check The Batteries Throughout Your Garage Door System: You may not think about it until the battery is all the way dead but you should have them checked regularly. Nothing is worse than pulling up to your home and your clicker will not work because of a dead battery. Make sure that you have replacement batteries and check the batteries often. Don’t forget to change out the batteries in the clicker as well as the keypad on the outside of the home.
Check the Auto Reversal System on Your Garage Door: Your garage door is set up with a reversal system that is there as a safety measure. The reversal system needs to be checked on occasion to ensure that it is working properly. People and animals have been injured by garage doors and you need to ensure that it is working correctly. You can check by placing an object in the doors path to see if it opens back up when it senses the item. If the door continues to shut you may need to have the door readjusted.
Check the Garage Door Photo Eye Sensors: If you have ever seen someone that hits the button on the house and run out with a leap they are trying to get over the sensor. The sensor is there to stop the door as part of the reversal system. If they are out of balance you need to have them, readjusted or your door will continue to open back up even though the path is clear.

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