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Common Commercial Garage Door Problems in Green Valley Ranch, NV; Repairs for Sensors & More

Commercial garage doors often require regular maintenance and repair just like residential garage doors. However, commercial garage doors and residential garage doors seem to run into different problems due to the wide variety a commercial building uses in the garage or storage facilities. AAA Action Garage Doors, with their vast experience will list some of the common commercial garage door repairs to better help the business owner troubleshoot future problems and how to prevent damages to their garage doors.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors Power Supply Problems

For those very few commercial garage doors that open manually, you may never experience power problems and shortages. However, for those commercial buildings that use a power or electrical opener to activate the garage door, will sometimes encounter power supply problems. Occasionally the power supply wiring can get damaged or short out due to various problems. When your garage door frequently loses power, especially during usage, this is mostly due to the power supply which often takes an experienced garage technician to repair.

Garage Door Photo Eye Lens Sensor Problems

If a commercial garage door won’t open or close, or only activates partially, it could be due to problems with the photo eye lens or sensors. Most garage doors use photo eye sensors as a safety mechanism to make sure that there isn’t any object in the way of the garage door while it closes. If the sensors are misaligned or blocked, the garage door shouldn’t activate. You may need to realign the photo eye sensors, clean the lens, or move any obstructions that may be blocking the lasers.

Damaged Garage Door Tracks

Often the garage door tracks get damaged in commercial garages or storage areas. Either by accidental collisions or frequent usage, the garage door track can spread apart, bend, or even become detached from the wall or ceiling. When the tracks become damaged or bent refrain from using the garage door until the tracks are repaired. You will need a garage door technician to replace or repair the track and to make sure they are correctly aligned.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Adjustments

If the garage door won’t lift up when activated, and there is power and there nothing obstructing the photo eye sensors, then the garage door torsion spring might have broken. The torsion spring, which helps support the weight of the garage door, as it rises often wears out over time and can break. When they break, which naturally occurs every 10 to 15 years (or depending on the garage door usage) will need to be replaced. Torsion spring replacement is the number one component that needs replacing in a garage door system for both commercial and residential garage door systems.

Garage Door Maintenance

To prevent or extend the life of your garage door and its operating system for both commercial and residential garage doors, it helps to perform maintenance every few years, such as tightening loose screws or bolts, lubricating the moving components, and regularly inspecting your garage door to prevent severe damage. It helps to replace components as they begin to wear out and before something breaks which can cause further damages.

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