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Cold Weather Garage Door Opening, Sticking & Closing Problems; Opener, Remote & Spring Issues in Tuscany Village, NV

Your garage is a great place to store some items that are useful during specific times of the year. You probably just finished rearranging a few boxes after taking out the holiday decorations and lights. Camping gear, bicycles, tools and other items are sure to be found on garage shelves throughout every neighborhood. Your garage is also a great place to park the car, especially when temperatures drop below freezing and these temperatures may prevent your car from starting up as quickly as it might during warmer times of the year. Your garage is a great shield against Mother Nature’s unfriendly freezing temperatures and blustering winds. AAA Action Doors addresses common cold weather garage door problems below.

Garage Door Not Opening or Closing Smoothly

Home owners will often time experience difficulties with their garage door when temperatures drop. When temperatures fall down to close to freezing, typically somewhere around 35 degrees, the oil that lubricates the motor and allows your garage door to travel smoothly along the track will begin to thicken. When this happens, your garage door may not open or close properly or at all for that matter. Cold temperatures can put a damper on the functionality of your garage door and leave you feeling frustrated as you are trying to leave for work in the morning and the garage door will not open.

Troubleshooting; Opening Garage Door Manually & Broken Garage Door Spring Repair

If the temperatures outside are colder than usual and your garage door is failing to open or close properly, you can take a few steps to inspect and find out what the problem may be. One of the first steps to take is to place your garage door in manual mode and pull down on the red cord to test that the door functions smoothly and you can open and close it manually without any problems. If the door feels heavy to lift on your own, you may be dealing with a broken garage door spring. Replacing and repairing garage door springs should only be done by a professional because it can be extremely dangerous, especially if you have no idea or experience.

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Other than cold temperatures, there are many other issues that could be causing your garage door to malfunction. One easy fix is replacing the batteries in your remote control. Often times this is the reason why you cannot get your garage door to open. Purchasing a pack of batteries is probably the least expensive repair you will ever have to deal with when it comes to your garage door. In any instance, make sure you contact a professional to make sure that your garage door is safe to use. If you are experiencing issues with your garage door during these cold temperatures (or any time), contact AAA Action Garage Doors today.

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