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Why is My Metal Garage Door Rusting in The Lakes, NV? Keeping Water Off Door & Other Ways of Preventing Rust

Both new and old garage doors can suddenly develop rust patches. When rust develops on your garage door, you wonder why rust is developing on your garage door in the first place. For those with rust spots developing on the inside or outside of their garage door, it is important to treat the rust spots and prevent the rust from spreading. AAA Action Garage Doors would like to share what can cause rusting on the garage door and how to treat or prevent the rust.

Is Rusting a Serious Problem

Rust is a major concern for garage doors. Rust can eat holes through the garage door and corrode the moving parts and joints. When rust develops and goes unchecked, the garage door will eventually need to be replaced and all of the other effected components. To avoid replacing the garage door or costly replacements, it is very important to combat rust and to keep your garage door system clean and healthy.

Causes of Rust & Ways of Preventing It

• The Environment: One of the main reasons why a garage door, whether new or old, will rust is simply due to the surrounding environment. Depending on which direction your garage door faces, if the door isn’t in the sun and in the shade when moisture is exposed, the garage door will take a long time to dry and allow rust to develop. Sometimes the lawn irrigation system is sprinkling water on the garage door. Moisture, including humidity, can often lead to rust developing on the garage door. It is important to keep water off the garage door. Make sure the irrigation system and other environmental elements are not causing the garage door to get wet.
• Garage Door Quality: Another reason why a garage door will rust is the garage door’s quality. Often metal garage doors will rust before an aluminum garage door will. When you have a steel or metal garage door, there are often traces of iron which will rust very quickly and easily. When you have a steel or metal garage door, you will want to quickly treat the rust site and sand down the rust and repaint the garage door. A quality layer of paint can help protect the garage door from moisture and from developing rust. For those with metal and steel garage doors, you must keep the door painted or sealed, and treat rust as soon as it develops.
• Oil and Dirt: Often a homeowner will decide to do their own garage door maintenance. They will oil and lubricate the joints and moving parts of their garage door. As keeping the garage door’s moving parts lubricated is very important, you can oil the joints improperly. Over oiling and not cleaning the joints properly will lead to dirt combining with the oil and corroding the joints. The dirt can then hold in the moisture which leads to rusting. If you do not know how to clean and lubricate a garage door operating system properly, consider leaving it to the professionals. Make sure if the oil does collect and build up oil, dirt or grime, to clean it off to prevent rusting of the joints.

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If your garage door develops rust either on the door or along the joints and you need help, contact AAA Action Garage Doors and schedule our services today.

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