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Best Garage Door Insulation in Sunrise Manor, NV; Reflective Foil, Spray Foam, Fiberglass Panels or Other?

There are a number of benefits for the homeowner who insulates their garage doors. Insulation helps to improve on noise reduction and even saves money on energy costs. Climate control inside your garage also helps to protect the stored items that are usually found inside. AAA Action Doors will share in more detail the benefits of insulating your garage door and which materials are often used to do so.

How Effective is Garage Door Insulation?

Insulating your garage door helps control the inside of your garage year around. Often we store cleaners, automobile liquids, or chemicals, left over paints and other hazardous items that are sensitive to extreme heat. There are a number of residential fires that start inside the garage and they are due to these types of stored items. By insulating your garage door you can help reduce fire hazards. Additionally, garages often allow heat or cold temperatures into the house. This reduces your home’s heating or cooling efficiency. However, for those who spend time in their garage working on projects or even use their garage as their man cave, you will find insulating the garage door will make the inside of the garage far more comfortable. Furthermore, insulation helps reduce noise when the garage door is in use, which helps those who may be coming home, leaving early in the morning, or arriving late at night less of a distraction.

Types of Garage Door Insulation

There are different types or grades of garage door insulation to choose from. Each installs differently and of course provides different levels of insulation.
Reflective Foil – Reflective foil, or also known as aluminum foil, radiant barrier, or air cell insulation, comes in sheet or rolls that are easily installed. Depending on the grade of foil insulation you use, they come in multiple layers that help to reflect heat away and keep moisture out. Each layer uses different materials that help insulate the inside of the garage. In most cases, the outer layer is a polyethylene while the inside layer uses a bubble wrap that is sandwiched with an outer layer of aluminum foil.
Fiberglass Panels – Much like attic insulation, garage doors also can use fiberglass panels to cover the garage door. Fiberglass panels have a fiberglass center and are covered with a vinyl material. Fiberglass panels are easily installed. They fit and hook inside each of the garage door sectional panels.
Polystyrene Foam Panels – Polystyrene foam panels use Styrofoam instead of fiberglass on the inside of each panel. Just like the fiberglass panels the polystyrene foam panels uses a vinyl material on the outside. Polystyrene foam panels are a little thicker insulation and usually needs to be fasted to the garage door.
Spray Foam – Spray foam insulation is one of the more complicated types of insulation to install. Each section of the garage door is separated and then coated with foam. The foam is sprayed on and bonded to each panel of the garage door. Where spray foam is one of the most durable types of insulation it is the least one used due to the installation method.

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If you want your garage door insulated, contact AAA Action Doors. We can insulate your garage doors, providing you with all of the benefits of an insulated garage door. For all your garage door needs, contact AAA Action Doors today.

My Garage Door Won’t Close Unless I Hold the Button Down & Only Closes Part Way in Paradise, NV?

The garage door is a primary entry for many Las Vegas residents. The constant up and down as people come and go often takes its toll. With routine maintenance and inspections from your garage door specialists of AAA Action Doors many issues can be prevented. But with normal wear and tear, or just a slight knock out of alignment, the garage door can experience problems, especially when it comes to closing. With that in mind, we at AAA Action Doors would like to discuss issues with your garage door not closing.

How Do Garage Door Safety Sensors Work?

At a touch of a button the garage door is set in motion to either close or open. In some instances, the progress of the garage door closing comes to a halt after a brief moment before ascending back up to its original location. Meanwhile, a clear sign that something is not right also stems from the lights on the motor head, which had flickered 10 times. Located on each side of the garage door are safety beams, which is generally the source of all the problems. These safety beams should be in alignment with each other as they face one another. Indicating the device is operating efficiently is a steady green light. If one or both of the beams have an orange light instead of the green, the beams are misaligned.

Misaligned Garage Door Sensors

Since the location of these beams is in an area that can easily be missed by anyone walking into or out of a garage, the simplest explanation to the issue is the nature of the setup. The beams can inadvertently be kicked or bumped out of alignment with the other. Loosening the wingnut that’s holding the device in place allows for it to be moved back to where its proper spot, making repairs simple and quick. Tightening the wingnut back up will take care of at least one side after the spot is determined.

Garage Door Not Closing

The problem with the beam is that as a safety feature, the garage door goes up when an object passes through, to ensure the garage door doesn’t crush property or persons. So, in the event something block’s the beam, the garage door will not close. A number of items could have passed through the debris, from fallen clutter to debris cascading in the wind. Keeping the garage clean, clutter free and well maintained can help you avoid this nuisance. Additionally, wipe down the sensor beams to ensure it is not settled dust that is interrupting the beam.

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While the issues discussed above can be easily rectified by the homeowners in most cases, there are a few issues that actually require a professional for repair. Wiring dilemmas can be the problem at hand. When it comes to electrical possibilities, they involve potential hazards. With the varying issues that can be inflicting the wiring, it is safer to entrust it to a skilled professional to avoid damage, injury, and even death. If you have tried to make the corrections to get the garage door closed with no avail, call in the experts of AAA Action Doors and let our specialists find and correct the problem at hand.

Garage Door Opener Opens By Itself or Keeps Opening After it Closes in Enterprise, NV?

Has your garage door ever opened or closed before you activated it or without you knowing it opened? When your garage door is activating on its own, your home is exposed without your knowledge. Having your garage door open or close on its own obviously creates a variety of concerns, especially concerning the safety and security of your home. AAA Action Garage Doors will explain how and why garage doors will open on their own and what you can do to correct the problem.

Why Garage Door May Be Opening By Itself

Aging Batteries – One of the leading causes for a garage door to open or close is due to the remote batteries dying. If your garage door seems to activate on its own, first try to replace the batteries of the garage door remote and see if that is the problem.
Remote Buttons Stick – Another similar problem involving the garage door remote is over use. When a garage door remote gets over used, the buttons can begin to sick. If the remote is close enough to the garage door opener, the sensor can be triggered if the remote button is stuck. In this situation, you will want to consider replacing the remote.
Circuit Board – Circuit boards are what give the owner the ability to open or close their garage door. The circuit board receives the signal from either the remote or manual button that’s inside your garage to open or close the garage door. Sometimes a malfunction occurs with the circuit board. In turn, this could cause the garage door to activate on its own. There could be a problem with the circuit broad reading the wrong signal from the garage door remote. Or there could be an internal problem with the circuit board itself. Circuit boards can be easily replaced by a garage door technician.
Power Surges – A frequency or code is sent to the garage door circuit board, which gives the permission to activate the garage door. There are times–if the home receives frequent power surges–the code or frequencies can become scrambled and cause the garage door to open. Power surges that cause garage door openers to activate are a rare problem, but they are known to occur. If you call a garage door repair technician and you’re aware of power surges occurring in your home, it is worth sharing that knowledge with them to see if that is the problem.
Poor Electrical Wiring – Poor wiring or damaged wiring can also be the cause of a garage door opening or closing without physical activation. If the connections to the garage door motor are either misaligned or damaged, a rogue signal can be sent to the garage door opener or sensors. A garaged door technician would need to inspect the garage door wiring, specifically those to the garage door opener or circuit board.
Old Garage Door – If your garage door uses an older opener, this too can be the problem. Older garage door openers use the same frequency to activate the garage door. If there is a neighbor that lives near you and they activate their garage door using the same signal as yours, this could cause the garage door activating. Some burglars will use older garage door remotes and drive down different neighborhoods hoping someone has these older garage door openers to get inside their homes.

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AAA Action Garage Doors can help repair and inspect your garage door and its operating system to locate the cause of your garage door activating on its own. For all of your garage door installation, inspections, or repair needs, contact AAA Action Garage Doors today.

Busting Garage Door Myths in Henderson, NV; DIY Repairs Can Result in Injuries & Death

Garage doors don’t get a lot of attention, but they probably should because they’re the biggest moving part of a home. Whether you’re buying a new door or repairing an existing one, there are some myths to look at when it comes to garage doors.

Garage Door Myths

Myth #1: I fix things around the house, so I can fix my garage door.
The torsion springs on your garage door are extremely powerful and very hard to repair. Even professionals need specialized training to do it because it can be dangerous unless it’s done correctly. Torsion springs work under high tension and should not be done on your own.
Myth #2: There’s no danger associated with garage doors.
Garage doors are a lot heavier than you think they are and use a lot of power to function. It’s important to treat it carefully and safely. Even doors with all the bells and whistles can become dangerous if a part becomes loose. Another reason it’s best to contact professionals to service them.
Myth #3: Garage door openers aren’t necessary.
Weather can be unpredictable. You don’t want to get out of your car to open your garage door in the middle of a storm. This is a good reason to install a garage door opener. It’s also a great way to stay safe when it’s late at night and you need to get into the garage.
Myth #4. All garage doors do the same thing.
While this statement is generically correct, they all provide you with protection for your possessions. Each type and brand of garage door has its own special features and benefits. Do your homework when you decide you want to purchase a new garage door and get professional advice. They know and the pros and cons to any garage door and can answer any question you may have.
Myth #5: Garage door insulation doesn’t work.
Insulation is extremely effective and can bring down he amount of heat that is lost through your garage door, more than 70% in fact. Insulation keeps the garage more temperate. Cold air can’t get inside and make you turn the thermostat up. It’s not as expensive as it used to be either.
Myth #6: There’s no maintenance needed with garage doors.
You may not realize how many times a day you use your garage door and it’s a heavy piece of equipment. They function without fail for the most part but like anything else parts will wear down or break and can become misaligned. It’s a good idea to have your garage door inspected at once a year and to perform any maintenance that needs to be done on it to keep it running smoothly.

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Maintaining your garage door is a part of proper home maintenance. Contact AAA Action Garage Doors to have a trained technician inspect your garage door and perform any repairs it might need. We can provide you with the highest quality services for your garage door.