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Busting Garage Door Myths in Henderson, NV; DIY Repairs Can Result in Injuries & Death

Garage doors don’t get a lot of attention, but they probably should because they’re the biggest moving part of a home. Whether you’re buying a new door or repairing an existing one, there are some myths to look at when it comes to garage doors.

Garage Door Myths

Myth #1: I fix things around the house, so I can fix my garage door.
The torsion springs on your garage door are extremely powerful and very hard to repair. Even professionals need specialized training to do it because it can be dangerous unless it’s done correctly. Torsion springs work under high tension and should not be done on your own.
Myth #2: There’s no danger associated with garage doors.
Garage doors are a lot heavier than you think they are and use a lot of power to function. It’s important to treat it carefully and safely. Even doors with all the bells and whistles can become dangerous if a part becomes loose. Another reason it’s best to contact professionals to service them.
Myth #3: Garage door openers aren’t necessary.
Weather can be unpredictable. You don’t want to get out of your car to open your garage door in the middle of a storm. This is a good reason to install a garage door opener. It’s also a great way to stay safe when it’s late at night and you need to get into the garage.
Myth #4. All garage doors do the same thing.
While this statement is generically correct, they all provide you with protection for your possessions. Each type and brand of garage door has its own special features and benefits. Do your homework when you decide you want to purchase a new garage door and get professional advice. They know and the pros and cons to any garage door and can answer any question you may have.
Myth #5: Garage door insulation doesn’t work.
Insulation is extremely effective and can bring down he amount of heat that is lost through your garage door, more than 70% in fact. Insulation keeps the garage more temperate. Cold air can’t get inside and make you turn the thermostat up. It’s not as expensive as it used to be either.
Myth #6: There’s no maintenance needed with garage doors.
You may not realize how many times a day you use your garage door and it’s a heavy piece of equipment. They function without fail for the most part but like anything else parts will wear down or break and can become misaligned. It’s a good idea to have your garage door inspected at once a year and to perform any maintenance that needs to be done on it to keep it running smoothly.

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Maintaining your garage door is a part of proper home maintenance. Contact AAA Action Garage Doors to have a trained technician inspect your garage door and perform any repairs it might need. We can provide you with the highest quality services for your garage door.

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