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My Garage Door Won’t Close Unless I Hold the Button Down & Only Closes Part Way in Paradise, NV?

The garage door is a primary entry for many Las Vegas residents. The constant up and down as people come and go often takes its toll. With routine maintenance and inspections from your garage door specialists of AAA Action Doors many issues can be prevented. But with normal wear and tear, or just a slight knock out of alignment, the garage door can experience problems, especially when it comes to closing. With that in mind, we at AAA Action Doors would like to discuss issues with your garage door not closing.

How Do Garage Door Safety Sensors Work?

At a touch of a button the garage door is set in motion to either close or open. In some instances, the progress of the garage door closing comes to a halt after a brief moment before ascending back up to its original location. Meanwhile, a clear sign that something is not right also stems from the lights on the motor head, which had flickered 10 times. Located on each side of the garage door are safety beams, which is generally the source of all the problems. These safety beams should be in alignment with each other as they face one another. Indicating the device is operating efficiently is a steady green light. If one or both of the beams have an orange light instead of the green, the beams are misaligned.

Misaligned Garage Door Sensors

Since the location of these beams is in an area that can easily be missed by anyone walking into or out of a garage, the simplest explanation to the issue is the nature of the setup. The beams can inadvertently be kicked or bumped out of alignment with the other. Loosening the wingnut that’s holding the device in place allows for it to be moved back to where its proper spot, making repairs simple and quick. Tightening the wingnut back up will take care of at least one side after the spot is determined.

Garage Door Not Closing

The problem with the beam is that as a safety feature, the garage door goes up when an object passes through, to ensure the garage door doesn’t crush property or persons. So, in the event something block’s the beam, the garage door will not close. A number of items could have passed through the debris, from fallen clutter to debris cascading in the wind. Keeping the garage clean, clutter free and well maintained can help you avoid this nuisance. Additionally, wipe down the sensor beams to ensure it is not settled dust that is interrupting the beam.

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While the issues discussed above can be easily rectified by the homeowners in most cases, there are a few issues that actually require a professional for repair. Wiring dilemmas can be the problem at hand. When it comes to electrical possibilities, they involve potential hazards. With the varying issues that can be inflicting the wiring, it is safer to entrust it to a skilled professional to avoid damage, injury, and even death. If you have tried to make the corrections to get the garage door closed with no avail, call in the experts of AAA Action Doors and let our specialists find and correct the problem at hand.

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