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Best Garage Door Insulation in Sunrise Manor, NV; Reflective Foil, Spray Foam, Fiberglass Panels or Other?

There are a number of benefits for the homeowner who insulates their garage doors. Insulation helps to improve on noise reduction and even saves money on energy costs. Climate control inside your garage also helps to protect the stored items that are usually found inside. AAA Action Doors will share in more detail the benefits of insulating your garage door and which materials are often used to do so.

How Effective is Garage Door Insulation?

Insulating your garage door helps control the inside of your garage year around. Often we store cleaners, automobile liquids, or chemicals, left over paints and other hazardous items that are sensitive to extreme heat. There are a number of residential fires that start inside the garage and they are due to these types of stored items. By insulating your garage door you can help reduce fire hazards. Additionally, garages often allow heat or cold temperatures into the house. This reduces your home’s heating or cooling efficiency. However, for those who spend time in their garage working on projects or even use their garage as their man cave, you will find insulating the garage door will make the inside of the garage far more comfortable. Furthermore, insulation helps reduce noise when the garage door is in use, which helps those who may be coming home, leaving early in the morning, or arriving late at night less of a distraction.

Types of Garage Door Insulation

There are different types or grades of garage door insulation to choose from. Each installs differently and of course provides different levels of insulation.
Reflective Foil – Reflective foil, or also known as aluminum foil, radiant barrier, or air cell insulation, comes in sheet or rolls that are easily installed. Depending on the grade of foil insulation you use, they come in multiple layers that help to reflect heat away and keep moisture out. Each layer uses different materials that help insulate the inside of the garage. In most cases, the outer layer is a polyethylene while the inside layer uses a bubble wrap that is sandwiched with an outer layer of aluminum foil.
Fiberglass Panels – Much like attic insulation, garage doors also can use fiberglass panels to cover the garage door. Fiberglass panels have a fiberglass center and are covered with a vinyl material. Fiberglass panels are easily installed. They fit and hook inside each of the garage door sectional panels.
Polystyrene Foam Panels – Polystyrene foam panels use Styrofoam instead of fiberglass on the inside of each panel. Just like the fiberglass panels the polystyrene foam panels uses a vinyl material on the outside. Polystyrene foam panels are a little thicker insulation and usually needs to be fasted to the garage door.
Spray Foam – Spray foam insulation is one of the more complicated types of insulation to install. Each section of the garage door is separated and then coated with foam. The foam is sprayed on and bonded to each panel of the garage door. Where spray foam is one of the most durable types of insulation it is the least one used due to the installation method.

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