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Garage Door Maintenance in Summerlin, NV; Balancing Springs, Checking Sensors & More

The garage door is a part of your home that is different than other areas. The garage door is attached to a motor that moves the door up and down on a set of tracks. The door is the largest moving part of your home and needs to be maintained and repaired on a regular basis. The door has many parts and pieces that can potentially become worn out, broken or damaged. When that happens the door may cease working and can become a real inconvenience. There is a lot that goes into the maintenance and care of your garage door.

AAA Action Doors Explains What Goes into the Maintenance & Repair of Your Garage Door

Balancing Garage Door Springs: There are typically a set of springs that are used to engage the garage door and pull it up or send it back down. The springs are usually good for many years as long as they are cared for and maintained. When the springs go out it can be a danger to anyone that is standing too close. The door can come crashing down or get off the tracks. Springs should be checked for damage or wear and be replaced before they become a real problem. During your maintenance and inspection the springs will be checked and replaced if necessary.
Checking Garage Door Sensor Alignment: One of the most crucial parts of your garage door safety is the sensors. They are found around 18 inches up from the ground at the track near the front of the garage door. These sensors tell you if there is something in the path of the garage door. Then the alert will send the door open again and that has been known to save lives. It can also save your vehicle or other belongings from being smashed. The sensors can often times be bumped and get out of alignment. They will then stop working properly and may need to be realigned. They can also go out and need to be replaced. This area of your garage door needs to be installed perfectly to ensure that it works right which is why it is best to leave it to a professional.
Lubricant on Moving Garage Door Parts: If you don’t want your garage door to be loud and squeaky, it is best to keep the moving parts lubricated. This can be the tracks, rollers and hinges that need to have some lubrication added on occasion to keep them moving freely. This can be done by a professional when they inspect these area for wear and tear.

Garage Door Maintenance in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

When you think about how you enter your home most often many people choose to come through the garage door. You need to ensure that the door closes when you come indoors and then lock the door in between. That means that when the garage door is not working right it can be a perfect opening for an intruder to enter. AAA Action Doors offers professional garage door services. Contact us for all your residential and commercial garage door needs.

Garage Door Opener, Remote & Other Problems in Hot or Cold Weather in Las Vegas, NV

We all know that the weather and climate of the different areas can influence the durability of many of our manmade possessions, especially when it comes to structures, such as our homes. With so many factors playing a part, it can be difficult at times to keep them all in mind. The biggest downside to not considering the impact the weather can have is the deterioration that can be expedited. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to discuss how the weather can impact your garage door in the Las Vegas desert specifically.

Spring & Fall Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Service Tuneups

For starters, many professionals encourage homeowners to take advantage of professional services twice a year to ensure the efficiency and overall condition of the garage door. Maintenance, tune-ups, and inspections are very important for the longevity and investing in such in the spring and fall is more optimal. Cold temperatures, though Vegas doesn’t bring the frigid temperatures the East and Midwest of the United States contends with, can still deliver freezing temperatures that can pose problems to the garage door; making spring maintenance services ideal. Vegas summers are extremely hot and dry, which is something the locals can attest to, but even those weather conditions can contribute to some garage door issues; hence the fall inspection or tune-up service being beneficial.

Garage Door Bottom, Side & Top Weather Stripping

Weather stripping, the vinyl rubber found at the bottom of the garage door, keeps the debris and elements out of the garage as well as provides a subtle cushion for the garage door on impact from its controlled descent. Cold temperatures as well as hot and dry climates cause the rubber to dry out; making them brittle and leading to cracking, chipping, splitting and shrinkage.

Garage Door Finish

The finish on your garage door is also affected due to the desert weather we experience. The varnish or paint will need a fresh coat every year or 2 to offer the protection the raw materials beneath the coating required to avoid decay or other damages.

Garage Door Won’t Open in Hot or Cold Weather

Rollers and the garage door rails are also influenced by the cold and hot temperatures frequently a part of the seasons. The lubricants dry out faster in the heat and cold. Along with debris brought in from extremely windy days damage the rollers, alter the rails, and eventually strain the motor with the inefficiency for the garage door to open and close smoothly.

Garage Door Opener Remote Not Working

The batteries in your garage door are impacted by the weather temperatures as well. If you notice that the garage door opener is inoperable, check the batteries, especially if they are over two years old, the temperatures can alter the battery’s longevity.

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Though the cables, springs, hinges, screws, and other parts necessary for the performance of your garage door are necessarily affected by the weather, wear and tear are; especially if the parts that are influenced by the weather fall short. With a routine inspection and maintenance services twice a year you can ensure your garage door is functioning smoothly and avoid major repairs down the road. If you miss the spring and fall services, don’t neglect the services offered by your professionals; it is better late than never. Call AAA Action Doors today to schedule your maintenance or inspection service today!

What Size Garage Door Opener & Horsepower Do I Need for a 10, 16, 18 Foot or Other Size Door in Henderson, NV?

How do you know what kind of garage door you will need? Do you need one that is heavy duty? There are two factors that will determine how powerful your garage door opener will need to be. How long do you want it to last and what is the weight of the garage door are other factors that need to be considered?

What Horsepower Garage Door Opener Do I Need?

3/4 HP Garage Door Opener: A ½ horsepower opener isn’t suitable for a heavy double door, but there are two other sizes to choose from that would be more suitable. Doors made of heavy solid wood will need a ¾ horsepower oversized garage door opener to work properly. You might be able to use a smaller one for a while but the ¾ horsepower model will last longer and you’ll be able to get a lot more use out of it than the smaller one.
1/2 HP Garage Door Opener: The most commonly used garage door opener is the ½ horsepower model as it provides a good combination of both quality and price and are almost always powered by DC motors for quiet performance. It’s good to use with a single or double garage door and is very efficient but only if it’s maintained properly.
1/3 HP Garage Door Opener: A 1/3 horsepower model also works with steel doors because they are the lightest. If you use a 1/3 horsepower garage door opener on a heavy door, it will lift the door up but won’t work as long and garage door openers aren’t cheap.

What Size Garage Door Opener & Horsepower Do I Need for a 10, 16, 18 Foot or Other Size Door?

A traditional steel door that is one-sided, non-insulated and without windows can weigh about 150 pounds even if it’s 16 feet wide and 7 feet high and a lot less if it’s smaller. Even if your steel door has an extra layer and is insulated, the door can be twice as heavy but a ½ horsepower motor should be sufficient. If you’re able to lift your garage door manually with ease then the springs are doing their job and the motor is only lifting that relative weight. ½ horsepower motors are enough for doors that measure 8 feet to 12 feet wide range, but use a ¾ horsepower motor for doors that measure over 14 feet. Remember that an electric garage door opener is only meant to work as a substitute for human strength. The garage door opener horsepower is not the most important factor-balancing the garage door is. Garage door openers will only be efficient if they are balanced correctly at all times to maintain its dead weight at 8 to 10 pounds. When you open your garage door, with or without a garage door opener, most of the work is done by the counterbalance. The counterbalance is the system of springs, pulleys, cables, etc. that will make the door open and close with ease and over time garage doors will become unbalanced and become harder to open. Making sure your garage door is balanced is an important step in maintenance.

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

When it comes to choosing the right garage door opener it’s important to use the right one or you will end up having to buy another one sooner than you’d like. You should contact professionals to help you decide which one will work the best. Contact AAA Action Garage Doors today to learn more about different sizes of garage door openers and pricing. Give us a call today!

Inspecting & Replacing Garage Door Bottom Threshold, Side & Top Weather Stripping & Perimeter Seal in North Las Vegas, NV

The garage door to your home is comprised a variety of parts. Since they are designed to open and close several times a day most days of the week, there are quite a few of these components that experience wear and tear with repeated use and exposure to the elements. Though all parts are important to make the garage door function at full capacity, some components can need attention without you realizing it. The weather stripping on the garage door is one of those parts that have a purpose, but your garage door can still function adequately. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to shine the light on the garage door weather stripping.

Purpose of Weather Stripping Around Garage Doors

Weather stripping, like other pieces of the garage door, can deteriorate quicker than others. Weather stripping is more susceptible to weather conditions and climate than other components do. The primarily function of weather stripping is to keep the cold weather, rain, and snow as well as pests, dirt, and debris out of the garage. Weather stripping is constructed of vinyl rubber that is installed on the bottom of the garage door and not only keeps unwanted things out, but cushions the controlled falling of the garage door to absorb much of the impact.

Need to Replace Garage Door Sweep & Stripping

Weather stripping is very durable, with the ability to last years under high heat and freezing temperatures, dry climates, the regular use of the garage door, particularly as it closes, and other such factors all lead to the decay of the weather stripping. Every so often, depending on the before mentioned factors, the weather stripping needs to be replaced.

Signs Weather Stripping Needs New Installation

Below you will find a compilation of signs that suggest your weather stripping is in need of replacement to ensure our garage door is performing at full potential.
– Cracked Vinyl Rubber
– Dried Vinyl Rubber
– Frigid Cold Air in the Winter Filters Inside the Closed Garage
– Intense Heated Air in the Summers Leaks Inside the Closed Garage
– Holes in the Vinyl Rubber

Garage Door Inspection Checklist

If you should notice one or more of the above listed faults, the weather should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid pests, dirt, and debris from getting in, and the outdoor air from compromising the efficiency of the HVAC system, especially if your garage door is insulated. Upon your inspection of the weather stripping, should you have any concerns whether or not it needs replacing, contact a professional to perform an inspection; not only will the weather stripping be evaluated by an expert, the garage door in its entirety will be assessed and if there are any issues, the professional will note it in the report and offer solutions.

Tips for Weather Stripping Replacement

Replacing the weather trimming can have a few challenging steps and a professional can make the replacement quick, simple, and efficient. If you want to try the replacement, here is what you need:
– Weather Stripping – be sure it is the length of your garage door.
– Hammer
– Flat Bar – to pull old nails out.
– Pencil
– Measuring Tape
– Galvanized Roofing Nails – if your garage door is wood
– Sheet Metal Screws – if your garage door is metal
– Scissors
1) Raise the garage door at the height where it is comfortable for you to work on. If it doesn’t stay put on its own, a C-Clamp will assist you.
2) Typically, you will need 16 feet of weather stripping, but to ensure the measurement is correct, use your tape to measure the length you need.
3) Remove the old weather stripping; if it is nailed in your claw hammer or flat bar will help you. If it is held in by a track, pull the weather stripping out from one side and install the replacement by feeding it through the track and you are done.
4) Layout the weather stripping to the width of the garage door.
5) Start from one side of the door, and begin attaching the replacement with appropriate nail or screw. The stripping should be installed with the larger, sloped edge to the outside of the door, leaving the flat part against the bottom.
6) Trim any excess with scissors.

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

If your weather stripping in the Las Vegas, Nevada area are in need of replacing or you need other garage door services, contact AAA Action Doors. Our trained technicians are experts in everything from garage door installation to repairs and maintenance.