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Why Won’t Garage Door Open or Close in Green Valley Ranch, NV? Clicker Not Working & More

Your home is a place you want to enjoy and spend your time. That all starts when you pull up the house. Many people choose to pull up in front of the house, open the garage and park their car so they can get in the house. The garage is a big part of parking a car for some but also an entrance. It can also be a space that some choose to convert to living areas or you can use it to store things you do not need access to. When there is a problem with the garage door being able to open you want to make sure that you spend some time finding out why and what you can do about it. The door should open without a hitch when you push the button. AAA Action Garage Doors outlines some tricks you can use to get your garage door to open.

Garage Door Clicker Not Working? Check The Batteries

When you pull up to the house you use the remote clicker that is on your visor typically. This is an option when you have a garage door that you can use to gain access to the space. The remote is paired with your garage door motor and when you hit the button the door will operate. When you hit the button and nothing is happening it can be as simple as the battery has died. The small watch style battery that is used in most will last a long time but can go dead like all other batteries. If the clicker is not working you can try and replace the batteries and test it again.

Check Garage Door Tracks

There are times that you can hear the door attempting to open but there is not any movement. The common problem that is happening is the tracks that your garage door is supposed to moving smoothly through can be broken or blocked. The tracks need to be kept clear of debris and it also needs to be lubricated. When something falls into the track it will stop the garage from being able to roll up and down. You can check the tracks for signs of damage and debris and make sure that they are cleared out and lubricated. This can be done by a professional that has the ability to make the repairs.

Garage Door Motor Frozen Or Overheated

There are times that you can find the door will not move when the weather is extreme. It can be either heat or cold. Many people will find that in the cold of winter the garage door has frozen shut and as the day moves on it will start to open. The heat can cause the rubber around the door to become melted or too sticky. This will make the door stick and that means that it will be difficult to open or even close.

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