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Signs of a Bad Garage Door Opener in Desert Shores, NV; Won’t Open or Close, Stuck Halfway & More

It is not uncommon for garage door openers to break down and need replacing without any prior issues. Where many problems can be repaired, there are some that is either better to invest the cash in a new opener, or simply cannot be repaired. The garage door opener can be beneficial for a number of reasons including an increase of noise pollution, security, safety and efficiency. Below, we at AAA Action Doors would like to list the most common red flags that indicate you need a garage door opener replacement.

1) Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

When the garage door opener is not working as it should, this marks a pretty obvious sign the garage door opener is not in good condition. Make sure the tracks are clean and not compromised, double check the batteries in the remote to make sure the opener is not responding because opener remote’s batteries died, and if it continues to malfunction, you will likely need to replace the opener.

2) Garage Door Starts to Close then Reverses

You either have a problem with the safety sensor or a malfunctioning opener when the garage door closes all the way and then randomly opens again or if the door suddenly reverses while it’s opening. The emergency reversal system is designed to prevent injury or damage when something crosses through the safety beam. If there are no obstructions, it could need a simple adjustment, or could be more serious. Ensure the sensors are properly aligned and if they are, contact a pro to determine the extent of the issue. If there is a deeper problem, the garage door expert can make the repairs or recommend a replacement.

3) Garage Door Opener Only Works Sometimes

More than likely a wiring problem, a garage door opener that operates inconsistently might need some repair work. Having a professional inspect the opener and run safety tests and diagnostics when the opener randomly works or doesn’t work at all.

4) Garage Door Makes Banging Noise when Opening

It is presumed that when the garage door opens or closes, it is supposed to be noisy, unfortunately it can signify a bigger problem. Strange or loud noises like grinding, scraping, screeching, rattling, and so on are not normal and should addressed. Especially if the garage door opener is older than 10 years, you will likely want to get it replaced.

5) Garage Door Stuck Halfway

An opener that is malfunctioning or defective is one that is causing the garage door to get stack or stall while it opens or closes. A serious safety hazard that could not only damage property but causes serious injury is a garage door that is not predictable and untrusted as it closes or opens all the way or gets stuck.

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When the garage door is no longer efficiently opening or closing, be sure to at the very least call in a professional from AAA Action Doors for an inspection service. With all the facts, you can better determine if the garage door opener is repairable, and if replacing or repairing it is the better option. Older garage door openers will make a replacement a better option in most cases. Contact us for all your garage door needs.

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