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Why is My Garage Door Catching & How Do You Fix Jammed Garage Doors in Las Vegas, NV?

When you hit your garage door’s remote button and the garage door begins to open and then stops or appears jammed, you might find your vehicle is locked inside the garage. At this point you might try to troubleshoot why the garage door is jammed. There can be a number of reasons why a garage door will become jammed. AAA Action Garage Doors will share some of the common reasons why a garage door will become jammed and what you can do to repair these problems.

Garage Door Stuck Due to External Obstruction

Even though a garage door may seem very durable, it can be surprising to learn there are things that can obstruct the garage door and keep it from opening. A loose screw or stick that got caught up along the tracks can stop the door from opening up. When a garage door appears jammed, start by inspecting the rollers and tracks and see if there is an obstruction. Turn off the garage door system before attempting to clear the tracks to ensure your safety.

Bad Garage Door Springs

A garage door operating system uses springs to lift and close the door. The two major types of springs used is extension springs and a torsion spring. If the springs are worn down or has broken, the garage door system will not be able to lift the garage door. To check to see if one of the springs is broken, look for the gaps between the two springs that is located at the top of the door. They should be in a horizontal position. If there are gaps in between the spring, then most likely the spring is the reason why the garage door is jamming. If the extension spring is in pieces, then your extension spring is the reason why the garage door is not opening. If either one of the springs are broken, contact a garage door specialist to replace the garage door spring.

Failing Garage Door Opener Motor

When a garage door is activated, the opener engine turns on and begins to lift up the garage door. When the door fails to lift the opener engine or motor may be wearing down. You may notice a humming noise when you activate the garage door. The motor may even make a grinding noise which is made by the gears binding up. When the garage door begins to hum or makes a grinding noise, a garage door specialist will need to inspect and determine the problem. In some situations the motor or engine may be able to be repaired. Other times it will need to be replaced.

Misaligned Garage Door Track

The garage door has a track that rolls up and down to keep the garage door in place. Sometimes the garage door tracks can shift out of place. If the tracks have shifted or have been damaged, the rollers cannot run up or down the tracks properly and the door can become jammed. Depending on the problem with the tracks, they can be shifted back into place. If the tracks are damaged, the tracks will need to be replaced.

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