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Why is My Commercial Garage Door Not Closing All the Way in Spring Valley, NV?

Commercial garage doors play a vital role in the daily operations for many businesses. Retail and many other businesses rely on regular shipments and or deliveries. A commercial garage door ensures smoother supply delivery, security, and convenience. However, like any mechanical system, the doors are prone to occasional problems that can disrupt operations if not addressed quickly. AAA Action Garage Doors would like to explore the common commercial garage door problems and the best solutions.

Misaligned Garage Door Tracks

One of the most common type of issue with commercial garage doors is misaligned tracks. This can occur due to frequent use, accidental damages, or eventual wear and tear. Misaligned tracks can cause the door to jam, become noisy, or open and close unevenly. To resolve this problem, the tracks will need to be examined. The inspector will look for visible damage, such as bends or dents. If minor misalignments are present, the tracks will need to be put back into position often using a rubber mallet to tap them in place. However, for more severe cases a commercial garage door service provider can accurately realign the tracks.

Malfunctioning Garage Door Sensors

The modern commercial garage doors are equipped with safety sensors that are designed to detect obstructions and prevent accidents. If these sensors become dirty, misaligned, or malfunction, they can cause the door to stop or reverse unexpectedly. If issues with the sensor occur, start by cleaning the sensors with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Ensure they are properly aligned, facing each other, and free from any obstructions. If the issue persists, contact a professional technician to inspect and repair the sensors.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Commercial garage doors rely on springs that work as a counterbalance to the weight of the door. The springs allow for smooth and controlled opening and closing of the garage door. Over time, these springs may break due to fatigue, excessive tension, or extreme temperature changes. Replacing broken springs should always be left to experienced professionals due to the potential risks involved. If the springs fail, seek a professional commercial garage door repair service.

Damaged Garage Door Rollers

The rollers in a commercial garage door system allows for smooth movement along the tracks. Constant use along with the lack of lubrication, or general wear and tear can cause rollers to become damaged, resulting in noises and poor performance. The rollers will need to be inspected for signs of wear, such as cracks, chips, or misshapened edges. Lubricating the rollers can improve performance by reducing friction. If the rollers appear to be severely damaged, the roller will need to be replaced.

Faulty Garage Door Opener

A malfunctioning door opener can impact both the convenience and efficiency of a commercial garage door. Issues may range from unresponsive controls to erratic door movements. To correct this problem, the power source will need to be inspected to ensure the opener is receiving power. Next, replacing the batteries in the remote control or reprogram may be necessary. If the opener still fails to function correctly, a commercial garage door specialist can diagnose and repair the opener or have the opener replacement.

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