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When to Replace a Garage Door Opener in Seven Hills, NV? Door is Noisy, Opens Slowly & More

You may not realize how much you rely on your garage door opener throughout the day until it all of a sudden isn’t working as it used to. There are several signs that will be present before your garage door opener just stops working one day. It is important you know what to look for so you know when it is time to replace your garage door opener. AAA Action Garage Doors is here to share some of the signs that may be present to help you know when it is time for a new garage door opener.

How Do I Know if I Need a New Garage Door Opener?

No one wants to use their arms, back and legs to force their garage door open when the opener has stopped working. To avoid this, here are some of the signs that you should be looking for so you know it is time to replace your opener before it stops working all together.
Garage Door is Slow Moving: Has your garage door started to open and close much slower than it used to? This is a common sign that your opener is on its way out. In severe cases, the garage door can detach from the opener completely and come crashing down.
Loud Noises when Opening & Closing Garage Door: There is a certain amount of noise that is always present with garage door openers. However, if you notice that there are several loud and unusual noises that are happening when you open and close your garage door, it may be because your garage door opener is starting to fail. Slack and vibrating chains can be the cause of such loud noises as well as electric motors that are nearing the end of their life span.
Garage Door Vibration: As working parts in a motor start to show signs of wear, it can cause added vibrations. The opener mounts may start to shake loose and create a dangerous situation. The garage door can even fall on the top of your car in severe cases.
Lack of Security from Garage Door Opener: Maybe you live in a safe place, but even then, you rely on your garage door opener to provide you with a certain amount of garage safety. This area of your home can help someone gain access into the interior of your home if you aren’t armed with the safety you need. Old garage door openers aren’t nearly as secure as newer ones. If you aren’t happy with the security features of your garage door opener, it may be time to replace it with a newer model.

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If you are suspicious that it may be time to replace your garage door opener with a newer model, you can rely on the experts at AAA Action Garage Doors to help you not only find the right one for your home, but handle the installation process as well. Call us today!

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