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What Happens When a Garage Door Spring Breaks in North Las Vegas, NV Due to Wear & Tear, Rusting, Lack of Maintenance etc?

The garage door is an important part of your home and is usually the opening to the space that you park your car or store your belongings. The garage door has several elements that can break or be damaged. One of the main garage door components that tend to be a problem for homeowners are the springs. There are different types of springs that can be used on the door but in the end the springs can break. When the spring is bad or broken the door will not work and the door will not open or close. The springs need to be replaced or repaired in order for the door to be operational again.

AAA Action Garage Doors Lists Reasons Springs Go Bad On Your Garage Door

Normal Wear & Tear of Garage Door Springs: One of the ways that a spring can go out is just over time. If you think about any spring that is stretched over and over again it will start to lose some of the resistance. When you take into account the spring on a garage door is lifting a lot of weight and over time it will lose some of the tightness that is necessary. The springs will last different amounts of time. The determining factor is how often the door is opened each day. The more you use it, the sooner the springs will go out. They are manufactured to last around 10,000 cycles which can seem like a lot unless you are in and out of the garage frequently. If the spring runs out after wear and tear you will need to replace both springs.
Rusting Causes Garage Springs to Go Bad: You need to be cautious of the amount of moisture that is on the springs in the garage. They are made of metal and moisture and metal means rust. When rust is on the springs it can cause more friction when the springs are engaged. The friction will cause the springs to wear out and break sooner than they were manufactured to last. If you live in a place that is humid or gets a lot of rain you may need to change out the springs more often.
Not Maintaining Garage Door Springs: You may not think so but having a professional come out and take care of the maintenance on your garage door is necessary. The moving parts need to be looked at and repaired when necessary. You also need to have the parts that move greased so that they continue to move smoothly. When you call out a company to come and maintain the garage door we will keep an eye on all the parts of the door and keep it working. We can also alert you to when there may be replacements that are necessary.

Garage Door Spring Repair, Replacement & More in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

If you have a garage door that you are concerned may need repairs or replacements, you should call a garage repair company. No one wants their car to be stuck in the garage when you have places to be. AAA Action Garage Doors offers expert garage door repair and related services. Contact us for all your residential and commercial garage door needs!

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