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How Long Does a Garage Door, Opener & 10,000 Cycle Springs Last in Hot Summerlin, NV with Our Extreme Summer Heat?

A garage door influences the value of a home and can influence it in a negative way when it starts to cause problems. Most people can answer the question as to how long their roof is supposed to last but have no idea when to comes to their garage door or as to how much one costs. This question can be answered when you consider the type of door and how often it will be used but on average, a new garage door should last between 15-30 years with an automatic garage door opener lasting 10-15 years. Other factors are the quality of construction, maintenance and the climate conditions it’s subjected to. Extreme heat can affect the way your garage door works. Garage doors can heat up to well over 100 degrees in the Las Vegas, NV summer and the heat will affect the mechanics of the door in these warmer months. Garage doors in master planned communities probably won’t last as long as expected. Because these doors are chosen for reasons more about cost than performance which means they are not made as well as they could be. This will also affect the installation and the components as well as leading to premature problems.

Garage Door Springs

Most garage door manufacturers distribute 10,000 cycle springs with their doors. This means that the springs used are meant to work correctly for a least 10,000 times. The spring mechanism includes the torsion springs and the tension springs cycles. A cycle represents the door opening and closing once. This will be affected by the weight of the door and how many times it’s opened each day. The more often the door is used, the faster the springs will break down and springs that aren’t sized correctly for the weight of your door will lead to problems sooner. Life expectancy of a 10,000-cycle spring garage door.
2 times a day-about 14 years
4 times a day-about 7 years
6 times a day- about 5 years
8 times a day- about 3 years

Maintaining Your Garage Door

We don’t think about our garage door until it starts to act up. You can prevent problems from popping up with regular maintenance. Extend the natural lifecycle of your garage door and other problems related to the components by taking a few simple steps. Use an annual preventative maintenance program. Well maintained doors will not only require fewer costly repairs but will last longer. Regular cleaning and lubrication of critical parts is important. Clean the door twice a year with water and mild detergent and apply a lubricant every 3-6 months to the springs, hinges and rollers. Use products that are formulated for garage doors as heavy oils can cause dirt and grime to accumulate faster.

Garage Door Services in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

Unusual noises and/or performance issues may need professional services. Trying to perform maintenance other than cleaning and lubricating on your garage door yourself can be very dangerous. AAA Action Garage Doors are professionals and experts at repairing and replacing garage doors in the Las Vegas Valley. Contact us today!

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