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What Happens when a Garage Door Cable Breaks in Henderson, NV? Can I Manually Open It & How Do I Fix?

The garage opening and closing involves more than what meets the eye. As you open and close it, your garage door cables counterbalance the garage door. At the top of the garage door, the cable runs through the pulley. When you let go of it, the other end of the cable connects to a spring at an angle, and it pulls up on the door. As the garage door opens completely, the spring takes over and eventually releases tension. Since the garage door cable plays a role in the garage door’s performance, we at AAA Action Doors would like to discuss how the cable snaps and what to do if and when it does.

What Causes Garage Door Cables to Break?

Cables can wear out over time because the cables are handling the hundreds of pounds of weight of your garage door. The garage door cable can snap or break entirely from an improperly adjusted garage door cable. Fluctuation throughout the day, rust, and corrosion, thermal stress causing additional wear, as well as a worn-out pulley are other such reasons a garage door cable can snap. The garage door cable is not only made of steel construction, but it is also elastic. Though it doesn’t break easily, it stretches over time. If the cables and garage door is routinely maintained, the likelihood of the cable snapping is slim. Ultimately, if you don’t keep up to date with inspections or have always run the cables slightly too long for your garage door size, and it can still happen without any warning signs.

Signs of a Broken Garage Door Cable

Below are a few common signs of a snapped garage door cable.
– During opening or closing, there is uneven door movement
– In a single position, the door gets stuck
– As it moves up or down, loud noises come from the garage door
Call a professional garage door company if you suspect you have a snapped garage door cable. There is risk of injury or harm when you use your garage door with a broken cable.

Can You Manually Open Garage Door with a Broken Cable?

It isn’t recommended, although it is possible to open a garage door if your cables snap. Use the following steps below if you need to open your garage door in an emergency.
1) Using the emergency release cord, disconnect your garage door opener from the door.
2) To manually open it, use the handle at the bottom of the door.
3) With a vice grip or clamp, hold the door open in place.
4) Your garage door is quite heavy and can cause damage or injury with negligent handling, this is critical to understand. At any time, the cable can also break completely and cause serious harm to you or anyone else nearby. It is in your better interest to contact a professional to avoid severe injuries and costly damages.

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