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Garage Door Noise Reduction in Green Valley Ranch, NV; Tune Up, Insulation, Anti Vibration Pads & More

Have you ever had a squeaky door in your home? What about a fire alarm that needs a new battery? They were not always noisy and over time as the grease wears off the hinges or the battery dies they start to make noise. If you have a door that squeaks when opening you might just overlook it and think it is just part of the house. It may not be a big deal to you. The beeping alarm can be an annoyance since it often goes off day and night. A quick switch of a battery will solve the problem. There is part of the home that if it is noisy it is a big deal. The garage door is a huge moving part and when it starts to get noisy and loud it can be a real problem for the household. The reason is that the garage door may be opened during the early morning hours when you are trying to leave for work. This can wake the rest of the house leaving everyone feeling tired all day. Your garage door was nice and quiet when it was first installed which means there is something that you can do get it back to that. AAA Action Garage Doors offers helpful garage door noise reduction tips below.

How Can I Make My Garage Door Quieter?

Tighten Loose Bolts on Garage Door: You might think that a loose bolt here and there is not a big deal. It can’t possibly make enough difference that will make the door become noisy. This is one of the most common reasons behind the noise that might come from your garage door. The bolts are there to hold the parts of the door together tightly so there is not rattling when they move. Your door needs to move and adjust in several areas and having a lose bolt of two will cause the entire area to rattle and shake. Make sure that all the bolts are tightened down to reduce some of the noise.
Garage Door Lubrication: Another way to help reduce some of the noise that you are sick of hearing is to add lubrication. There are moving parts such as hinges and rollers. They need to be able to move freely and without restriction. Over time and use they can get dirty and the grease that was used from the manufacturer will start to wear off. The lubrication can be added to the moving parts and this will help the door to move much more smoothly.
Reinforce Rubber or Nylon Garage Door Rollers: You can also have some rubber buffers added to the door to help prevent some of the rattling that might still occur when the door is moving. You want to make sure that there are less metal on metal connections by using rubber or even nylon. You can replace metal rollers with nylon ones that will help reduce friction and shaking. You can also use rubber pieces in between the bolts that are used to keep the tracks together.

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If you are concerned that your garage door needs to be inspected it is best to call out a professional. We can do a thorough inspection looking for reasons that your door is making noise and make the repairs that are necessary. AAA Action Garage Doors offers garage door repairs to reduce noise. Give us a call to make your appointment today!

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