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What Happens if a Garage Door Cable Breaks in Summerlin, NV? How a Cable Snaps, Signs of Failure & More

One day you go to open or close your garage door and suddenly your garage door cable snaps! When the cable snaps, often you are left wondering what to do and if you can still use your garage door. When the garage door cable snaps, this is a big problem and one you will want a professional garage door technician to repair. AAA Action Garage Doors will share what you should do when a garage door cable snaps and why it is important to seek professional repairs.

Are Garage Door Cables Necessary?

The garage door cable is important as it helps to counterbalance the garage door each time it opens and closes. The garage door cable runs through the pulley at the top of the garage door. The other end of the cable connects to the spring at an angle. When the garage door first opens or closes, the cable takes on all of the tension. Once the door reaches a certain point, the spring will take off and eventually release the tension as the door completely opens. The cable is important as it helps maintain control and balance of the garage door and also holds the weight of the garage door.

How Does a Garage Cable Snap?

The garage door cable is handling the entire weight of the garage door. Even a smaller garage door can weigh hundreds of pounds. Over time and under the pressure from the weight of the garage door, the cable can simply wear out. If your garage door is on the older side and the cable has never been replaced, it is not surprising if the cable snaps. Other reasons why the garage door cable will snap can be due to improper installation or adjustment. If the cable is installed or adjusted too tightly, they will often snap. Cables can also snap due to thermal stress, rust, corrosion, and worn down pulleys.

Signs of Garage Door Cable Failure

The garage door cable has a combination of steel and elastic cabling which helps reduce the tension and allows some flexibility. However, the cable does over stretch over time and needs to be maintained. If the cables are not maintained, they will eventually break. Often when the garage door cable needs to be adjusted or is wearing out, it will provide some signs. Some of the signs you should watch for are:
• Garage door is getting stuck in the same place or position.
• The garage door makes a loud noise when opening or closing.
• The Garage door doesn’t evenly open or close.

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When the garage door cable snaps you can still open and close your garage door. However, it is recommended you leave it closed until the cable is replaced. If your cable has snapped, contact a professional garage door service. When replacing the cables they must be positioned correctly and secured. Additionally, the cable must have the proper amount of tension. If it is too tight, it will only lead to the cable snapping prematurely. If your garage door cable has snapped or you need other garage door services, contact AAA Action Garage Doors and schedule our services today.

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