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What are the Parts of a Garage Door System in Spring Valley, NV? Opener, Safety Sensors, Springs, Panels & More

In order to open and close your door smoothly and efficiently, it has several parts that work together. When you have an understanding of the anatomy of your garage door and how each part works, you can better pinpoint the issue when something goes wrong since every component plays a role. With this in mind, we at AAA Action Doors would like to take the opportunity to briefly explains the primary components of the garage door. Knowing how these parts operate and function will help you know if a part needs repair, replacing, or even a little lube. Though every garage door differs, the parts they have in common are listed below.

Anatomy of a Garage Door

1) The Opener. The opener is what opens and closes your garage door, as its name suggests. To lift the door, the opener comprises of a motor, chain, belt, or screw that turns.
2) Safety Sensors. On both sides of the garage door’s bottom are the safety sensors. They emit an infrared beam that detects when something is in the way of the door. The door will not close if the beam is interrupted.
3) Springs. Located just above the tracks on either side of your garage door are the springs. They make it easier to open and close and help balance the door’s weight.
4) Panels. Hinged together are several panels that make up the garage door. In order to fit any home’s style, these panels are made of different materials, colors, and sizes.
5) Hinges. To allow the garage door panels to move, the hinges connect them. Instead of the not the whole garage door, having the hinges allows the professionals to replace only the damaged panel in addition to ensuring garage door performance at installation.
6) Tracks. On both sides of your garage door, the two channels mounted on the wall are the tracks. As it opens and closes, the door is placed on these tracks and guided along them.
7) Rollers. The small wheels attached to the bottom of your garage door panels are the rollers. To open and close the door smoothly, the garage door ride on the tracks.
9) Cables. When the opener is working, cables are attached to the springs and help support your garage door’s weight.

DIY VS Professional Garage Door Repair

When it comes to the function of your garage door, each of these parts plays a vital role. It can be helpful to identify which part is causing the problem when something goes wrong. Though homeowners can take care of some lubing needs, basic care, and even to the extent if a visual inspection, when it comes to repairs, you should hire a professional. Not only do they have the specialized tools required for the task, but they also have the knowledge to avoid costlier repairs and potential injuries and property damage.

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