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What Causes a Garage Door to Rust & How Do I Stop My Door from Rusting in Centennial Hills, NV?

Most people take mental notes of the state of their door as they come in and out of the garage, even if subconsciously. You may notice rust patches on the door or rusty edges while passing through the garage. It can be frustrating to see rust particularly if you recently replaced the garage door, or had it freshly painted. Water can cause a garage door to rust, and salt accelerates the process, depending on your area, seeing rust might more likely. Unfortunately, there is no way to permanently rust-proof metallic surfaces particularly since salt is abundant in water and certain environments. Typically, people in the Las Vegas Valley might get rust on the garage door due to poorly positioned sprinklers and time. AAA Action Doors delves into this further below.

What Causes a Garage Door to Rust?

The door is good to use unless your door has years of rust damage. Do not panic and evaluate the reason for rusting for starters. No door is immune to it whether new or old. You can delay the rusting process from occurring with a good coat of paint and regular oiling in the joints. For almost every homeowner, rust is a common problem. Also, it does not matter how long it has been since you have installed your new door or how old the coat of paint. The accumulation of rust is more of an environmental factor than anything else, specifically. Though there are quite a few causes to rust, below are the most common.
Quality of Garage Door. Rust is a form of corrosion, and oxygen is its cause, though may not think of metal quality as important, however. When Iron combines with Oxygen to form Iron-oxide, garage door rust is formed. The quicker it will get corroded with the lighter and thinner your garage door is. The quality of the door is not something that you can compromise on for that reason.
Environmental Factors Cause Rust. Your environment will greatly impact it since salt is a huge factor promoting rust.
Your garage door will rust from salt blown by the wind onto your door if in the event you live near the ocean. The ice accumulating on your door will cause rusting when living in a cold environment. Living in humid or damp areas will also increase the chances of rust on garage doors as well. You need to wash it with tap water and see if the pollen was the reason because a layer of orange-colored pollen can accumulate on your garage door inspiring.
Excessive Dirt in the Joints. They will rust quicker than usual if you do not clean your doors. To protect your garage door from rust be sure to oil the joints, dust the door, and service the mechanism on a pre-planned schedule with a professional. You can hire us for a garage door cleaning if you do not have time to do it or you are out of town.

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