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Upgrade Your Plain Metal Garage Door with a DIY Faux Wood Grain Finish in Spring Valley, NV

Do you have high hopes for your home but don’t want to spend a fortune to spruce things up? Your garage is the first thing people look at when they drive by or come for a visit and AAA Action Doors has a simple and effective way to enhance to beauty of your home and yard! A simple, DIY garage staining project will save you a ton of cash and give the front of your home a lot of personality. Staining is a bit different than painting, but with a little artistry and some added patience you will be able to achieve the rustic look you’ve been desiring. So, if your tired of looking at the same old boring garage door, follow the few simple steps below and give your home the face lift it deserves!!

Choosing Garage Door Stain Color

Visit your local home improvement warehouse, or reputable paint store in your area and choose the stain color of your choice. Dark walnut is a beautiful color! You will want to choose a gel stain as opposed to a conventional stain because it is thicker and won’t run or drip and is easier to apply. Be sure to choose a stain with a matte finish, avoid stains with a high gloss finish. You will need the following supplies:
– Stain of choice
– Good-quality 2-3 inch wide paint brush
– 4-6 inch paint roller
– Paint tray rubber gloves
– Disposable all purpose rags and paper towels
– Preparation

How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Staining

This is the single most important step of any painting/staining project. Lack of proper surface prep can lead to unsightly imperfections in your staining. If you apply a wood grain stain to a dirty surface, it will not adhere properly. You will want to begin this process by sanding down any imperfections in the paint, removing any superficial rust, or old paint that may have a glaze or high shine finish. You will want a flat, non shiny, clean surface to work with. Next you will want to give the door a good washing. Use some soap and water and give the door a good scrub, the use a pressure washer on its lowest setting to rinse the door and remove any remaining contaminants. Be sure there are no grease marks left anywhere on the door before you proceed. At this point, you may remove any PVC weather stripping on the perimeter of the door to make the staining a simpler process.

How to Add Faux Wood Grain Stain to Garage Door

Test a small spot on the door, or comparable metal surface and allow it to dry completely so you know if you are happy with the color you chose. Depending on the color of your garage door and the color of the stain, you may need to apply a base coat first so the end result will be an even, beautiful color. For instance, if you garage was previously painted a dark color, and the stain you’ve chosen is a lighter color you will need to apply a base coat to lighten the door so the stain will come out right. Moving on, once the door has completely dried and you’ve determined you are satisfied with the color you’ve chosen, lay a drop cloth down around the door so you don’t stain the concrete around the door. Start by using your paintbrush on all the recessed surfaces, then use the roller on all flat surfaces of the door. Then, using a strie technique, create the wood grain finish with your paintbrush. Do your best to imitate the texture and grain of real wood. Allow 48 hours to completely dry before operating the door.

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You’re going to love your updated garage door! If you’re more interested in purchasing a new garage door as opposed to doing it yourself, AAA Action Garage Doors has a large selection of rustic style garage doors to choose from. Give us a call today to set up a consultation and discover the options available to you today!

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