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Types of Garage Door Locking Mechanisms in Las Vegas, NV; Be Aware of Slide Bolt & T-Handle When Using an Automatic Garage Door Opener!

Installing a lock on your garage door can bring added security and peace of mind. When you are trying to keep your home safe and secure, the first thing you think about is locking all entry points. You garage door shouldn’t be excluded from consideration. If you don’t have a lock on your garage door, you are leaving yourself more susceptible to burglary. In order to keep your belongings and home safe, you should choose the right garage door lock to add a whole new level of security. AAA Action Doors would like to go over all the options you have when selecting the right garage door lock.

Garage Door Slide Bolt Locks

This lock is located on the side of your garage door. It consists of a latch that slides into pre-cut holes in the vertical track of your garage door. This is the most widely used garage door lock and is very effective in keeping burglars out. It is a very simple, but solid choice. If you choose slide locks and have an automatic garage door opener, be aware of when it is locked in place. If you try to open it when locked, you run the risk of bending part of the garage door and burning up the motor.

T-Handle Garage Door Locks

This is also a popular choice in garage door locks. It has a handle that is the shape of a “T,” hence the name. The lock consists of a cable system that is only able to open if the handle is turned. In order to turn the handle, you have to use the right key. These keys are a cylinder-shaped key and are difficult to reproduce. Using this lock system with an automatic garage door opener can also damage your garage door if you try to use the opener when it is locked, so be aware of that.

Garage Door Electronic Locks

As technology advances, so do locks. This lock definitely consists of advanced technology. It is among the most secure locks that you can use, but also one of the most expensive. With the use of your fingerprint, you can lock and unlock your garage door. You can program it to use multiple fingerprints and choose who can and cannot gain access to your garage. Some would say, that the added security this lock offers, counterbalances the cost. Installation should always be done by a professional to ensure the job is done right.

Keyless Digital Garage Door Locks

With the use of a keypad, you can use a code to gain access into your garage with this type of lock. It offers a high level of security and is less expensive than the advanced technology of the electronic locks. The code can be changed as needed, and is nearly impossible for an intruder to pick.

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Choosing the right lock can be the deciding factor when trying to keep burglars out. You don’t want to find yourself experiencing theft or vandalism of any kind because you didn’t install a lock on your garage door. AAA Action Doors offers a wide variety of garage door services. Call today for an appointment.

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