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Benefits of a Professional Residential Garage Door Inspection in Las Vegas, NV; Safety, Preventive Maintenance & More

The garage door is one of the largest moving operating systems connected to your home. Often your garage is used for the main point of entry and keeping your vehicles safe from unscrupulous characters and the elements. Garages are also a major area where people store belongings and construct projects; keeping your garage door fully operational and at peak performance is essential.

AAA Action Doors List the Benefits of Investing in a Professional Comprehensive Residential Garage Door Inspection Service

1. Garage Door Safety. Above all, the primary benefit is having a garage door functioning safely. Though garage doors had to lawfully be equipped with specific safety features, like all mechanics, malfunctions can cause failure. To ensure the safe performance of your garage door, the garage door inspection conducts diagnostics and tests to make sure the safety features are working adequately. Along with the tests and visual inspection on the safety mechanisms, professionals also inspect the garage door in its entirety for durability and to make sure there is nothing showing signs of wear and tear that contribute to bodily injury or property damage.
2. Preventive Garage Door Maintenance. During a comprehensive inspection service, components and moving parts are vigorously checked for visible signs of damage or excessive wear. Discovering any parts that are in need of replacing or adjusting is easily accomplished before they give and additional and often costly damage follow. By investing in an annual garage door inspection, you are sparing yourself the grief of having a major breakdown and even emergency services.
3. Garage Door Inspection Saves Money & Time. Following a professional inspection, if any issues come to light, they will be presented to you, along with solutions to the problems at hand. Making small repairs and maintenance adjustments can save you the incredible expense of emergency services and major repairs. Time is also saved having to not schedule days of major repair or being without an operable garage door.
4. Professional Emergency Garage Door Repairs & Tune Ups. If any repairs or maintenance needs to be performed, professionals performing your garage door inspection have all the necessary training, experience, parts and tools at their disposal. With the use of top graded tools, equipment, and products, any needed repairs following an inspection are premium quality.

General Garage Door Inspections Include:

– Lift cables are checked for any signs of fraying or damage caused by excessive use and/or time.
– Rollers are looked over for any missing chunks and smooth operation
– Springs eventually loosen and need to be replaced, during an inspection they are checked for performance.
– Nuts and bolts are inspected for any missing hardware, if they require tightening.
– Safely check the safety mechanism is tested to ensure superior adequacy.
– Lubrication moving parts in some areas require a bit of re-lubing from time to time, during an inspection the proper amount of lubrication is inspected in the necessary areas.
– Tracks are checked for any dents or crinkles that prevent flowing operation.
– Weather seals are checked for efficiency, as it keeps pests and weather out.
– Panels can be impacted from blunt trauma. If a panel is not up to par it can create additional malfunctions
– Windows are inspected for any cracks or other compromising aspects.

Garage Door Inspections in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada

If you believe your garage door has gone over a year without a professional inspection, contact AAA Action Doors to perform our residential garage door inspection. Reap the benefits and call us today to schedule your appointment!

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