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Troubleshooting What to Do if Your Garage Door Keypad Doesn’t Work in Whitney Ranch, NV

When you install a garage door keypad you want it to work. You trusted it to open your garage when you need it so that you can get back inside. If it’s not working you start to panic because then you may not be able to get back inside your garage or possibly your house. So why is your garage keypad not working?

Wrong Garage Door Pin

As silly as it may sound if your garage door keypad is not working, make sure you are putting in the right pin. Putting in the wrong pin could end up locking your keypad. There is a reason why your garage door is not opening. Accidentally entering the wrong pin or forgetting the key code could end up locking it and you may have to reset it or reboot the entire system. If you enter in the wrong pin give it some time to reset so then you can enter in the right one. Don’t keep pressing buttons, this can mess up the keypad.

Dead Garage Door Batteries

You need to remember that your keypads are running on batteries. Make sure that you are changing them often. Most keypads do not let you know that the battery is low. On some, the lights blink but most don’t let you know that the batteries are low. Make sure you change the batteries on a regular basis. If you just change your batteries and it is still not working then the problem is somewhere else.

What Happens when Garage Door Cables Break?

You could have a wiring issue or a damaged wire. The wires can get wear and tear after a while. Weather can be a huge factor in the amount of wear and tear the wires get. If it is not working take the cover off the keypad. Scan the wires to make sure that they are working. If all is good then put the cover back on, if not you need to fix the wires. You can call a professional to help you with this if needed.

Garage Door Interference

You could end up getting a bad connection from the buttons to the code. This can happen when the debris gets inside or if the keys get old. If you think it is the key connection then try pressing a different code than your normal code. If it works then you know it is a bad connection to the keys. You can clean the pad to see if that will help but if it does not help then you need to replace the keypad.

Malfunctioning Garage Door

You may have noticed that you can close the garage door with no problems but it doesn’t open as easily. This could be that you have a code malfunctioning. With many keypads, you have to reprogram it after you replace the battery. If you have an old one it could have problems connecting the code that you have put in. If you feel like it is a code malfunction you can always look back and check the manual. If you are still having problems call a professional for help

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You do not want to be in a situation where you cannot open your garage door. If you feel like your keypad is not working properly and you need help then give AAA Action Garage Doors a call. We are happy to help you in any way.

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