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Tips to Extend Life of Your Garage Door in Las Vegas, NV; Lubrication, Tune Up Maintenance, Avoid Physical Damage & More

The garage door is a part of daily life for most; it is consistently being used throughout the day; every day. With the abuse they endure and the wear and tear they exhibit, doing everything you can to extend their lifespan, overall condition, and performance is important to avoid the need for premature replacement or even avoidable repairs. We at AAA Action Doors would like to relate a few tips and advice on how you can extend the life expectancy of your garage door.

Tips to Extend Life of Your Garage Door

1) Finish Protection for Your Garage Door. The finish that is on your garage door is not only in place to enhance the aesthetics, but it is primarily there to protect the panels from the elements and climate. If there is any damage or deterioration to the finish or panels, it is susceptible to additional damage that expedites the deterioration of the panels, which will eventually extend into other components. It is essential to ensure the integrity of your finish so that it might do its job and protect the garage door. Below are a few tips to protect the various types of finish commonly used on garage doors.
Paint. Any paint that is peeling or chipped, simply sand down the rough edges to keep additional paint from peeling off and get it prepared for the new coat. Use high quality paint designed for exterior use that is resistant to the climate and typical weather conditions of your area; ensure meticulous coverage to efficiently coat the door. If your garage door is wood and left exposed, water will damage it as well as constant direct sunlight. To properly maintain the garage door, repaint the garage door every other year. Metal doors can be exposed to moisture, resulting in rust damage. Like wood doors, ensure the metal door is well protected.
Stain. Stain is generally used on wooden garage doors and water can easily absorb into the wooden materials if the stain has depleted over time. Moisture will make the wooden panels warp, rot, and even mold. Use a lacquer designed to fight against the sun’s rays and be water resistant to prevent the water from ruining the wood, as well as the UV rays from fading out the stain.
Powder coating. The plastic coating needs to be cleaned periodically to reduce the chemical films that settle onto the surface.
2) Avoid Garage Door Panel Damage. High wind damage can destroy the paneling on the garage door. If you are prone to having excessively high winds in your area, make sure to invest in a strong grade of resistance to the high wind resistant panels. Keep the games and sports away from directly in front of the door. Kids often get caught in the moment and balls are often responsible for dented panels.
3) Care for Moving Garage Door Parts. Perform an inspection on your garage door, or enlist the service of a professional. During your assessment, tighten the loose hardware, apply the appropriate lubricant solvent to the designated areas, clean the debris off the tracks, and check the garage door for any signs of warping or other damage. If any parts are missing or damaged, notify your professional to make the necessary replacements.
4) Routine Garage Door Maintenance. Make a routine list of the maintenance you perform to your garage door and don’t overlook your tasks. Schedule professional maintenance, tune-up, and inspection services throughout the year to ensure the garage door is getting the proper treatments, cleanings, and small part replacement as needed.

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With a properly maintained garage door you will increase the lifespan, reduce the need for major repairs, as well as keep your residential garage door working at peak efficiency. For your professional services, contact AAA Action Doors and let our experts do the rest.

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