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Garage Door Parts & How They Work in Henderson, NV; Repairs & Maintenance of Panels, Hinges, Tracks, Sensors & More

A garage door is a huge moving mechanism and needs to be taken care of. The door needs to be cleaned, maintained and repaired regularly to ensure that it is in good working condition. The garage is made of parts that work together and when one of them is broken the door may not work at all. The best way to repair a garage door or know what might be wrong with it is to know what the main parts are. Knowing the parts and what to look for is a great way to start. It can also help when you are calling a professional repair company to come out and make the repair.

AAA Action Garage Doors Lists the Most Common Garage Door Parts & How They Work

Garage Door Panels: When they are talking about the door for your garage they are talking about the large exterior pieces. The door can be made from several types of materials such as wood, vinyl and metal. The most common style of garage door is to have panels. These panels are fixed together to make one door. The panels will work together to pull up and down so the garage door runs smoothly. This is the part of the garage door that is seen from the street and can help increase or decrease your curb appeal. If you have damaged panels you may need to have them repaired or replaced.
Garage Door Hinges: These are the part of the garage door that helps to keep the panels together. The reason that the panels are not just screwed together is because they need to bend so the door can roll up. A garage door that uses a motor to roll up the garage door needs to slide up along the tracks. That is why each panel is affixed with a set of hinges to allow the movement that is necessary. If the hinge breaks or is damaged the door will not open and the panels can become separated.
Garage Door Tracks: This is an extremely important part of the garage door and needs to be installed properly. The tracks are often a metal rail that allows the door to roll up and down. The reason that the tracks need to be installed correctly is to keep the door quiet and on the tracks. If they are not level or not kept clean the door can fall off the track or stop moving. It can also cause shaking which will cause the noise no one wants to hear.
Garage Door Sensors: The sensors are attached on the sides of the garage just inside about a foot and a half up. They are there as a safety measure so that if anything is in the way the door will not close. The sensors make a beam across the garage so they need to be level and even so that they work right. The sensors can malfunction or become damaged and they may need to be replaced.

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