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Spring Clean Your Garage Door in Whitney, NV; Remove Grease & Grime from Tracks, Lubricate Moving Parts & More

With the spring temperatures getting up there, it is time to start the spring cleaning process. Most people are excited to get the house aired out and cleaned. The cleaning usually takes place when the weather is warm. It makes people want to open the doors and the windows and clean the mess that often accumulates during the winter. Many people will start to go through their clothes, bedrooms and more. Then the cleaning starts and some of the often overlooked cleaning will be taken care of. The other area of the house that will get some attention is the garage. It is a great time to pull out your items and to clean the garage and to organize anything that was pulled down. During this time you can take some time to clean the actual garage door as well.
AAA Action Garage Doors outlines how you can safely spring clean your garage door.

Remove Grease & Grime from Garage Door Tracks

One of the things that you want to make sure that you do is to clean the tracks for your garage door. The door has to be able to move smoothly through a set of tracks that can be found on either side of the door. These metal tracks or channels can become dirty, dusty and full of debris. This will cause the door to not be able to move the way that it was intended. You want to be sure that you address the tracks and remove the dirt and debris. You can use compressed air that you can get at any office supply store or you can use an air compressor if you have one. The air can push the dirt and dust out of the channel to create the smooth surface that the rollers will need.

Lubricate Moving Garage Door Parts

Another thing that you want to make sure is taken care of are the areas of the door that move. The moving parts need to lubricate so that they can move freely. The parts have to be able to move without tension and that is why the lubrication is so important. There are several things that can be treated such as the rollers and other chains. The lubrication will help to allow the parts to move properly and with ease. This will save the life of the door and will ensure that it lasts long.

Test Garage Door Safety Sensor, Auto-Reverse & More

When you are looking at checking and cleaning your door you want to make sure that you also test the safety measures as well. The spring is when more and more people come outdoors and maybe the kids will play near the door. That is why you want to make sure that you check to ensure that the safety measures are working. You can place a box in the path of the door and try to close it. The door should come back up and if it does not the photo eye sensor may not be working properly and it is a potential dangerous situation.

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