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AC or DC Garage Door Opener Motor Types in Downtown Las Vegas, NV; Size for Heavy Lifting & More

Your home likely has a garage that is either attached to the house or it can be detached as well. The garage is a place that many people use to keep their cars so that they are safe from the weather. The garage can also be used to store your things that you do not need to use on a regular basis. The garage is an important part of the home no matter how you use it. There are several parts to the garage that need to be in good working condition to ensure that you are able to continue to use it. All parts are important and without each one it just won’t function. With that said the motor is the brain of the operation and that is why you want to ensure that it is working and you understand it. AAA Action Garage Doors outlines what you need to know about your garage door motor.

AC or DC Garage Door Opener Motor Types

When you have a garage door it will have a motor that is there to move the door open and close. You want to make sure that you know what the options are when it comes to the type of motor you can choose from. The first and most common type of motor that you can choose is called an alternating current or an AC motor. This is the type of motor that is used in many homes even though it is a bit noisier. The movement of the door is going to have the same speed the entire time that it is being moved up or down. The other type of motor that you can choose is called a direct current or DC motor. This is a quieter option but it has a series of speeds that it will use. It starts off slow and will speed up and slow back down.

Garage Door Motors for Heavy Lifting

When it comes to a garage door you can look at the motor and think that it does not look like much. What you really need to know is that the motor is manufactured to lift a very heavy object. That is why the motor has to be outfitted with safety devices. The motor will send the door closed even if there is something in the way and has the capability to crush something that might be in the way of the door. This is why the safety measures are set to ensure that you are not injured.

What Size Garage Door Motor Do I Need?

There are two types of motors that you can choose from but there are also different sizes of motors that you can choose from as well. The motor that you are getting in your
house will be measured in horsepower. The HP that your motor has should match the size of the garage door that you have. IT is best to talk with a professional about the motor and if a ½ HP will work or if you need a larger size such as 3/4HP.

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