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Someone Hit My Garage Door, Rust from Weather & Other Causes of Damage in Summerlin, NV

You want to make sure that your home is in good working condition as well as looking its very best as well. This is only done by taking the time to care for and make repairs when needed. There are several aspects of the house that make a large impact on its look and functionality. One of those main features is the garage door. It is a secondary access to your house and allows you the ability to pull your car in and walk in the house with ease. The garage has actually been studied and shown that more people use this as their main entrance than other doors including their own front door. The garage door is also a large part of the homes look because it is usually a big part that is right up front. There are lots of ways that your garage door can be damaged and you want to know what to do about it.

AAA Action Garage Doors Lists Ways Your Garage Door Can Get Damaged

Accidentally Backed into Garage Door: The main thing that your garage was actually intended for was to park a vehicle inside. It is to allow you the ability to bring your car or truck in a covered space and out of the way of the elements. It is a great way to protect it and make it safer for you to enter and exit the vehicle. This is also one of the top ways that a garage door happens to become damaged. You are supposed to pull in and out of the space once the door has fully opened. The problem is that many people become restless and impatient. This leads to pulling in or out when the door has not fully moved out of the way and crashing into it. The panels that are used on your door can become extremely damaged when you do this. It can also cause damage to the rollers and the channels that the rollers run along. You will need to have a repairman come out and replace all or some of the panels that have been damaged.
Child Throwing Rocks or Hitting Balls at Garage Door: Your garage door can be made from several types of materials. Whatever you choose will have its pros and cons and one of them is how well it will hold up against damage. All of the panels will have some ability to withstand bumps and dents but at some point they will become damaged. Kids are a huge reason your garage door can be damaged that include throwing balls, riding their bike into it and tossing rocks. They may think it is fun to bounce their ball up against the garage door until they start to notice that it is causing dents in the panels. There is a chance that you can have the dents buffed out and repaired but sometimes it requires the door to be replaced.
Sunny Weather & Storms Damage Garage Doors: Lastly your garage door is meant to be out in the weather. It was manufactured to stand up against sun, wind and storms. It does have a rating but that does not mean that the weather cannot cause some damage. Hail storms are one way that your garage door can be dented. The rain or long exposure to the sun can end up warping or drying out a door that is made of wood. You need to be sure you keep an eye on the door and when the weather has caused damage you get it replaced.

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