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How to Fix Garage Door Opener Remote & Troubleshooting Other Problems in Las Vegas, NV

For some people, calling out a technician to their home when something fails is a must because they either don’t have the time, or the knowledge to fix the item in question. Then there are those who prefer to fix things themselves. Having the knowledge and expertise to be your own handyman is a valuable tool in today’s fast moving world. We use our garage doors just as much, if not more than our home’s front door. Because there is a motor and moving parts, you can expect a hiccup from time to time. Most are simple fixes, others not so simple. When it comes to garage doors, there are certain issues that can be easily fixed by a person with basic handyman knowledge and other issues that are best served being left to the professionals. Today, AAA Action Garage Doors will touch base on some of the most common garage door complications and their DIY fixes.

Garage Door Remote Not Working Consistently

This is one of the most common issues we find, the first step will be to check your batteries in the remote. Occasionally, the batteries inside the remote will become dislocated and need adjusting, or the batteries are dead and need replacing. After you’ve double checked this step, refer to your garage door manual to see what steps you need to take to reprogram the remote.

Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

The garage door opener not functioning properly is another of the most common issues we receive calls about. This can be a simple DIY fix. If the opener sounds as if it’s operating, but the door won’t budge, you likely need some lubricant on the chain or drive screw to reduce friction and get things moving. Apply a generous amount of silicone based lube to the entire length of the chain or drive screw, then wipe off any excess. If the opener or operator is not responding at all, this could signal an issue with the photo eyes. These are small plastic devices on both sides of the garage door that act as a safety feature for the garage door. Check to see if the lights on the photo eyes are flashing green. If there is no sign of light on the photo eyes, this indicates there is no power to the eyes or motor. Locate your home’s breaker box, find the breaker that controls the garage door and flip it off, then back on. Check photo eyes again to see if they are receiving power. If they are not, move to the garage door opener and ensure it is securely plugged in, then test the electrical socket it is plugged into by plugging another device into it. If there is indeed power going to the door, and it is still not functioning, call AAA action Garage Doors to troubleshoot the issue.

Noisy Garage Door Opener Motor

This happens frequently in garages that aren’t serviced annually and has a relatively simple fix. Strange noises such as these are usually due to dry parts. Apply lubricant to the areas making the noise and voila, nice and quiet again!

Garage Door Only Opens a Few Inches then Closes

This signals an issue with the springs at the top of the garage door. Replace the old springs with new ones, we highly recommend changing all of them at once to save yourself money down the line. If you’re unsure of how to safely perform this step on your own, do not proceed with repairs and call a professional.

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