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Security Tips for Preventing Garage Door Break Ins in Paradise, NV; Opener, Remote & More

When you think of garage door openers you may just simply think of how convenient they make it to get in and out of your garage. Not having to reverse your car into your driveway, put your car in park, go and shut your garage door and then getting back in your car to leave your house just to be able to use your garage to park in is a game changer for sure! But did you know that having a garage door opener can also prevent your home from being broken into? We have put together our favorite tips on how to improve your garage door security to prevent theft to your home.

Automatic Garage Door Openers

When garage door openers first came out they all featured the same code. Any thief could simply buy a transmitter and they would easily be able to open all of the garage doors that had automatic openers installed. Garage door opener companies have significantly improved the security over the years. Now garage door openers feature rolling-code technology that can transmit a brand new security code each time you press your remote. The chance of a thief being able to use a remote to open your garage door opener is very slim. With this advance in technology, simply having an automatic garage door opener will help protect your house from burglars.

Garage Door Remote

Your automatic garage door opener will come with a remote. It seems like a great idea to leave your garage door remote in your vehicle, but do not keep it in your car! If a thief breaks into your car they can easily take your garage door remote. They can frequently easily find your address on your registration and insurance information that most people keep in their gloveboxes. Then they simply use this information to break into your home. It is safer to keep your garage door remote in your purse or briefcase. You can also purchase a keychain remote opener so that you can just have them on your keys. Another safe option is using the features in your car to program your garage door opener so that you do not have a remote that can be stolen in your car.

Close the Garage Door

The next tip seems so simple that you may not know why we are mentioning it. Make sure that you keep your garage door closed! This one does not seem like rocket science, but many times burglars enter your home through your open garage door. Many Americans think that their neighborhood is safe and that they do not need to close their garage doors during the day, but no neighborhood is safe! Do not go through all of the other steps and make the simple mistake of leaving your garage door open.

Lock Your Door from Garage to House

Many people feel like since they have an automatic garage door opener they do not need to lock the door from their garage into their house. Even though you are hoping that no one will get past your garage door, they may find a way in despite your best efforts. If they are able to get into your garage you will be glad that you dead bolted the door coming into your home.

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We hope that these safety tips will help your house from being burglarized. Home invasions are hard to recover from so preventing them is always the best option. At AAA Action Garage Doors we want your family to be as safe as possible! Contact us for all your garage door needs.

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