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Pros of Garage Door Maintenance in Winchester, NV; Avoid Repairs, Helps Door Last Longer & More

Garage door maintenance protects against natural elements, both inside and out; from rust, erosion and normal wear and tear. With maintenance, the garage door operates at its full potential, you can preserve the condition as well as the longevity. Today, we at AAA Action Doors would like to elaborate on the importance of garage door maintenance.

1) Garage Door Maintenance Offers Protection

Garage door maintenance keeps the door operating smoothly, as well as securely. Burglars can easily push through a garage door when it is not working correctly. As a regular routine entry and exit, the garage door experiences a lot of wear and with routine maintenance, the wear and tear can be rectified to promote a safer and more fortified entrance. Also, your vehicle and personal property is safe from the risk the malfunctioning door can present.

2) Garage Door Maintenance Provides Safety

Routinely scheduled professional garage door maintenance can prevent injuries. Residential garage doors can weight several hundred pounds and with the mechanics of the garage door, it rolls or lifts open or closed while supporting the weight. The moving parts, primarily the springs, that contribute to supporting the weight when it is in operation and stagnant, deteriorate over time and use. When the door malfunctions, you and everyone that passes by is at risk to injuries. Additionally, during maintenance procedures, the safety systems and fail safe features are tested to ensure performance. Knowing the safety systems are in place can keep everyone safe and protected from potential hazards can offer peace of mind.

3) Avoid Repairs with Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors that are frequently maintained and cared for will significantly reduce the breakdowns and inconvenient repairs that follow. During the maintenance procedures, the technician performs many duties; from visual inspection to safety and performance tests, hardware tightening, electrical system performance and wear inspection, application of lubricant where applicable, cleaning the moving parts, and ensuring the components of the garage door are in fair to excellent condition. When parts are not on par, they are recommended for replacement, usually on the spot or within a few days if the part needs to be ordered, ensuring the functions and condition are on point intercepts the deterioration that is leading to repairs.

4) Maintenance Helps Garage Door Lasts Longer

Without routine maintenance, the garage door’s lifespan will continue to reduce from the original projection. With maintenance and homeowner care, the garage door will last to its projected lifespan and potentially add more years.

5) Garage Door Maintenance Validates Most Warranties

Manufacturer warranties often have specific criteria. With many warranty policies, they are only validated if the professional maintenance has been done on schedule, usually once a year but be sure to consult your individual warranty. Also, in many instances, professional repairs are also a requirement. To ensure your warranty is valid, be sure to read the document thoroughly to find the details.

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AAA Action Doors provides tune-ups, inspections, and other maintenance services to serve our valued customers in the Vegas Valley. Keeping your garage door well maintained ensures the above-mentioned important elements and offers so many advantages. Call us today to schedule your garage door maintenance.

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